How to build 64 pages of robots

Posted by Lacey O'Brien on September 24, 2018

Building a robot is a process. There’s prototyping, testing, and eventually a final product. In fact, its a lot like how we build our catalogs.

Our goal for the catalog project is always to build a top-notch catalog for you – the builders, makers, coaches, and educators. We also know the final design needs to fit within a page count that is a multiple of 16. We start with prototyping to decide where and how the products are displayed and what resources are included, all while watching that page count. Then we go into the testing phase, reviewing our first draft for errors, things that might not have worked as expected, or missing information. Like with any build process, we generally reiterate, making changes to what we identified. After retesting until we’ve met our goal, it’s off to production and then ultimately to your hands (or screen). 

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STEM camps that ‘rocketed’ 2018

Posted by Preston Frazier on September 20, 2018

Recently, I wrote about a pretty awesome summer camp in St. Louis, Missouri, that used TETRIX® PRIMEBut it wasn’t just the robots having all the fun this summer. There were camps and workshops across the STEMosphere utilizing our hands-on, minds-on STEM products.

We have three educators who are totally excited to share their experiences and successes over the summer.

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TETRIX® PRIME leads to happy campers

Posted by Preston Frazier on August 06, 2018

Well, the end of summer can be a real bummer. But, it also brings an air of excitement and a bit of reflection on all the fun that was had! Throughout the STEMosphere, teachers have been hosting summer camps for learners all over the country. And in April, we shared some of our top spring and summer activities with you.

The TETRIX® PRIME building system made the list. PRIME is an excellent choice for camps, but don’t take my word for it. It’s best to hear firsthand.

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Top 10 spring and summer activities

Posted by Patty Cooke on April 05, 2018

As we dive deeper into spring – and look forward to summer – we prepare for the upcoming changes.

The warmer months ahead can mean many things, both good and, well, not as good. Better weather usually means more outdoor activities such as summer camps, but the extended time out of school can mean bored kids and a learning slide teachers fight against the rest of the year.

But spring fever doesn’t have to equal a lack of learning, and summertime doesn’t have to mean boredom. If you want to keep the learning going and keep students engaged, there are several things you can do.

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Planting seeds with robotics

Posted by Preston Frazier on June 29, 2017

Summertime is here!! And, things are starting to heat up! Pardon the pun, but really . . . the temperature is rising and so are the opportunities for some outdoor activities such as swimming, baseball, cookouts, and gardening.

But being outside doesn't mean we have to leave STEM and robotics inside. I'm new to the Pitsco family and have been spending a good amount of time exploring our products and tinkering with TETRIX®. So, I decided to try my hand at developing a robot that can be helpful in the world of green thumbs, lawn gnomes, and gardening.

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