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Three guaranteed ways to prevent the summer slide

School is out and summer break is finally here — for most of us! As we look forward to enjoying the warm weather, maybe taking a vacation or two, or even getting a break from the chaos that is the end of the school year, this is a season of opportunity for all the young minds out there. However, as we all know, most kids see summer as a chance to give their brains a break and, while this is essential, it is equally important to keep their minds active and learning.

Here at Pitsco, we concern ourselves with a phenomenon known as the “summer slide," where kids can lose significant amount of academic progress made throughout the duration of the school year. In order to prevent this, we have come up with three effective strategies for you to try at home! This includes participating in summer reading programs, enrolling in educational camps, and utilizing apps and online learning platforms. Together, we can create an environment where your child continues to learn, grow, and stay engaged.

A group of kids reading together outside.Dive into a Summer of Reading Adventures

Summer reading programs are a fantastic way to keep your child’s mind active while allowing for them to still enjoy the break. You can start by enrolling your kids in local library reading challenges where they can track their progress or even win prizes for meeting their reading goals! If your library doesn’t have a summer reading program, you can create a home reading list tailored to your child’s interests. This can help to make reading feel less like a chore and more like an exciting journey to new worlds and ideas.

But the fun doesn’t have to stop with just reading. Take advantage of online resources such as OverDrive and Libby that offer access to countless e-books and audiobooks, perfect for those lazy afternoons in the backyard or fun summer road trips. To make reading even more engaging, combine it with related activities. If your child is reading a book about dinosaurs, why not plan a trip to a natural history museum or create some dino-themed crafts at home? Book-themed discussions, family read-aloud sessions, or even acting out favorite scenes can bring stories to life, making reading an interactive and delightful part of your summer routine.

A group of kids at summer camp working on an outdoor activity.Fun-Filled Learning with Summer Camps

When it comes to making the most of summer, educational camps and workshops are a game changer. There’s a camp for every curious mind from STEM camps, where budding scientists and engineers can experiment and innovate, to art workshops that let young Picassos unleash their creativity. The variety is endless, ensuring there’s something to ignite every child’s enthusiasm.

Not only do these camps offer a break from the usual routine, but they also play a pivotal role in skill development. Whether it involves critical thinking, problem-solving, or just getting creative, camps provide invaluable experiences that go beyond traditional classroom learning. Nothing quite beats giving your children a chance to explore their interests, make new friends, and continue their educational journey throughout the summer.

Moreover, finding the right camp can be quite the adventure in itself. Our best tip would be to start by checking out local community centers and schools, which often offer a variety of programs tailored to different interests and age groups. Online directories can also have tons of helpful information that will lead you into finding the perfect fit. With a bit of research, you’re sure to discover the perfect camp that will make your child’s summer both educational and unforgettable.

A group of kids using a tablet for educational purposes. Tech-Savvy Education with Apps

One of the best tools that has come from today’s digital world is the accessibility of online learning platforms and educational apps! The key is to choose quality apps that are both fun and educational, so your kiddo will stay engaged and learning throughout the entirety of the summer. Some of our favorites are Khan Academy, Duolingo, and Prodigy. These apps offer a wide variety of interactive lessons and activities that will cater to different subjects for all age groups, and the best part is that these can be accessed anytime and anywhere!

Our biggest recommendation would be to make sure that you’re balancing screen time with other activities. While educational apps are great, it is important to encourage your children to play outside and engage in other hands-on activities that will compliment what they are currently learning about! This blended approach allows for you to combine both digital and practical learning in a way that your child will love.

At Pitsco, we want your child’s summer to be filled with growth, discovery, and, of course, fun! By incorporating summer reading programs, educational camps, and educational apps and online platforms, you can help prevent the summer slide and ensure that learning is an enjoyable experience for them. The new school year is only a few months away, so let’s make sure they return more curious, confident, and ready to tackle new challenges! If you need inspiration for engaging summer activities, check out our 2024 Summer Camps Solution Guide!



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