Gardening – An outdoor STEM activity for all ages

Posted by Melissa Karsten on April 14, 2020

April is National Gardening Month, likely because spring has sprung and we’re itching to get outside. There’s no denying it’s an awesome time to start your gardening season. Personally, I love celebrating this season. My husband and I garden (a LOT) for our farmers’ market stands and for ourselves. Because of the volume, it’s never a small undertaking, but it’s always so worth it! I love that gardening is something everyone can do – at any age and any scale.

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Fall in the classroom: Your pick of seasonal celebrations and activities

Posted by Molly Underwood on October 24, 2019

The leaves are falling. The sweaters are out. Football is on TV. YES! Autumn is here!

Whether you’re sad about summer leaving or getting bundled up for all the cozy days to come, we want this season to be bushels of fun by bringing fall into your classroom. Autumn has several holidays, specifically food-related ones, for you to celebrate. Why not observe those by getting some hands-on learning AND munching on some food? I mean, could it get any better?

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The science behind Hollywood’s spooky special effects

Posted by Jessica Born on October 29, 2018

Spooky. Scary. Silly. Ghoulish. Gross. Halloween has many forms. And nobody makes it seem simpler or more real than in the movies, but how do they create the scary?
Magic? Well . . .
Science? Absolutely.

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5 good cyber habits for teachers and students

Posted by Dan Eckelberry on October 09, 2018

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Yawn. Sounds like something only an IT nerd would get excited about . . . right? Before you completely dismiss this topic, be advised that there’s a good chance that you’re currently at risk of having your online accounts compromised.

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The eggs-cellent science of dyeing Easter eggs

Posted by Jessica Born on March 29, 2018

Dyeing and decorating eggs is a must in many households around the Easter holiday. Generally, families use the ready-made dye tablets you can snag in a box on any endcap in the supermarket. It’s a simple process: pour in water and vinegar, drop in the dye tablet, plop in the egg, stir around, tap off the excess, and dry. 

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