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Posted by Ruthie Muller on July 11, 2018

They say to do what makes your heart beat faster.

I’m not sure who “they” are, but if you ask most of the participants of Urban Search & Rescue, THEY would definitely agree.

Twenty-two states (plus Puerto Rico!), eight middle school teams, 22 high school teams, and five postsecondary teams attended SkillsUSA® nationals in Louisville, KY, June 25-29, all doing what makes their hearts beat faster – robotics and competition. 

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If we want to teach our kids technology, it has to be like this . . . .

Posted by Jessica Born on June 13, 2018

Few elementary school teachers are engineers.

Few engineers are elementary school teachers.

And that’s where instructional technology breaks down.

There’s no end to the tech that teachers can integrate in their classrooms, from smart boards to tablets to one-to-one device initiatives to robots and beyond.

As a result, some classrooms are flipping, letting students watch video lectures at home and do the actual exercises in the classroom where teachers and classmates can help. Textbooks come alive on tablets through video and interactive graphics. Students familiarize themselves with applications and devices they’ll use throughout their education and in the workplace.

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Moving fore-ward with robotics

Posted by Preston Frazier on May 22, 2018

May is upon us, which here in Pittsburg, Kansas, means some stormy weather, the start of summer break, family vacations, and outdoor activities. Speaking of which, one popular summer activity can be found on the fairway, the tee box, and the green.   

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More is more: Getting the most from your middle school robotics program

Posted by Jessica Born on May 09, 2018
Special thanks to today’s guest author, Matt Patterson. 

Matt is the education manager from Enable Education. Hes worked in education for the last seven years after starting a career programming solutions to STEM problems. He is a nanoengineering graduate from the University of Toronto, so he brings a technical background with some industry experience to STEM education. When hes not creating awesome educational resources, he enjoys playing video games and reading science fiction and fantasy novels.

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FIRST® Championship renews hope for the next generation

Posted by Aaron Locke on May 03, 2018

When was the last time you were truly amazed at something? I don’t mean like, “yeah, that’s cool” amazed. I mean jaw-dropping, “I totally can’t believe what I’m seeing!” amazed. That was me during the third week of April as I attended the world FIRST® Championship in Houston.

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