Pitsco Grants benefit classrooms, libraries, and robotics teams in 2017    November 2017
At Pitsco, we love awarding a $350 grant to one deserving educator every month. Sometimes, it goes to a traditional classroom; other times, it goes to a librarian or robotics mentor who goes above and beyond. We’ve followed up with a few of the 2017 recipients to discover what they chose with their grant funds and how it’s worked out for their programs. . . .

Thanksgiving with a side of STEM
November 2017
What are you serving this Thanksgiving? We’re sure there’s a side of STEM on every table. . . . 

. . . Let us give you a hand with that!
November 2017
. . . here are some popular digital resources to check out. We're all about getting hands on . . . 

School to work:
An inevitability

November 2017
Look out into your classroom. What do you see? Another role that we might not consider is . . . 

Pumpkin chunkin’ makerspace style
October 2017
Recently, we held a competition for our employees called Pumpkin Chunkin’. . . . 

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