By Abi Dreyer / February 16, 2024

Introducing the Echo Drone: Enhancing education with Pitsco’s latest innovation

In the fast-evolving landscape of educational technology, Pitsco Education continues to push boundaries with our latest addition to the drone continuum: the Echo Drone. This proprietary drone comes at a pivotal moment, addressing the growing demand for affordable indoor drones in classrooms and beyond. As major players such as DJI discontinue their educational hardware lines, we are stepping in to fill the gap and offering a comprehensive solution tailored for Grades 6-12+.

Echo Drone controller with phone attached showing what the camera looks like on the drone

Opportunities for Drone Education

Drones have become more than gadgets for hobbyists; they now represent a gateway to hands-on, future-focused learning. Through drone technology, students are exposed to numerous possibilities of employable skills – from understanding complex principles of flight to learning soft skills such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving. All essential traits in today’s workforce!

These skills can be applied across a wide variety of industries too, including aviation, agriculture, construction, entertainment, marketing, military, and so much more. They open a world of career learning opportunities.

Compact yet powerful, the Echo Drone is designed to deliver a seamless learning experience. Weighing a mere 85 grams and measuring smaller than seven inches by seven inches, it’s perfectly suited for indoor flight – an ideal setup for classroom environments. Unlike larger commercial drones, the Echo doesn’t require FAA registration, simplifying logistics for educators. Each Echo Drone comes equipped with an intuitive R/C controller, enabling hassle-free out-of-the-box flying.

For more advanced learners, an app can be downloaded to transition from the controller to block-based or Scratch coding. Plus, with an onboard camera transmitting images and videos to smartphones via Wi-Fi, students can explore the world from a whole new perspective.

Boy and girl working to assemble a drone with the drone course curriculum featured

Empowering Curriculum Integration

But we understand that effective teaching requires more than just hardware – it requires curriculum support. That’s why the Echo Drone is fully compatible with Pitsco’s Flight Guide curriculum options, providing educators with a structured framework to integrate drone technology into their lesson plans.

A couple of the more prominent topics to touch on using drone curriculum are motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It takes time and practice to learn to fly the Echo as efficiently as possible, and students will learn to develop these skills when doing so. As previously mentioned, this product also comes with a coding aspect should the educator choose to use it. This can help develop a form of critical thinking relative to coding.

So, whether it’s exploring flight dynamics or conducting aerial surveys, the possibilities are endless with our curriculum resources. But there are countless ways drones are being used in the classroom today.

Echo drone flying with a dotted line showing the path

For students aspiring to showcase their drone piloting skills on a larger stage, the Echo Drone offers a competitive edge as well. Designed to meet the specifications of competitions such as the SkillsUSA®: Commercial sUAS (Drone) Competition, it provides students with a reliable and affordable hardware option. Using the Echo, students can hone their skills, compete with peers, and unlock new opportunities in the ever-expanding field of drone technology.

As drones continue to revolutionize education, we want to continue empowering students and educators alike with innovative solutions. With the Echo Drone, Pitsco reaffirms its commitment to delivering hands-on, engaging learning experiences that prepare students for success in the digital age. From classrooms to competitions, the Echo Drone opens doors to endless possibilities, shaping the future of STEM education, one flight at a time.

Ready to elevate your classroom using the Echo Drone? Explore the possibilities today and take your STEM curriculum to new heights! Get in touch with our team to learn more and start your drone journey.




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Abi Dreyer

Written by Abi Dreyer

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