Creating a hands-on summer camp
By Abi Dreyer / March 01, 2024

How to create an engaging summer camp using hands-on STEM

Looking to create an unforgettable summer camp experience packed with hands-on STEM activities? Look no further! Our 2024 Summer Camps Solution Guide is here to simplify your planning process. This solution is chock-full of all the fan favorite Pitsco products we have to offer. With tons of simple materials in ready-to-go kits, your summer camp will be the easiest event yet. Easy doesn’t mean boring either! These featured kits are anything but ordinary. They include engaging, hands-on materials that are sure to make your summer program stand out! Let’s check out some of the exciting, unique STEM solutions offered in our guide.

boy and girl assembling a drone maker kitDrones, Drones, and More Drones!

One of the most popular and still growing product solutions is our STEM drone continuum. We offer different types of drones that can be applied in tons of different ways! From the Drone Maker Kit – where students can not only learn to do aerial movement but also how to engineer their own craft – to the Echo Drone, which offers a whole new thrilling experience to drone piloting.

The Echo Drone provides not just aerial photography, videography, and piloting aspects, but also a chance for students to attempt coding navigation. So, check out our drones and drone course to create a curriculum teaching students that the sky is no longer the limit!Girl and boy wokring with LUMA the programmable robot

Calling All Code Hackers and Robot Builders!

Transform kids’ love of tech into an unforgettable summer adventure. Let students dive into the world of circuits using Arduino or build their very own bot using TETRIX® PRIME! Get hands-on coding practice using Bee-Bot® and Blue-Bot®!

Or work with the STEM award-winning LUMA programmable robot to build real-world relevance of computer science skills. When it comes to technology, the possibilities are endless. With these hand-selected solutions, kids’ imaginations can soar with no strings attached.

“I used TETRIX® MAX in a high school summer camp and the students couldn’t get enough of it! It is the most flexible and versatile robot kit on the market and allows you to use it in so many creative ways!” James Jones, Grade 7 science teacher, Orlando, FL

Two girls building a windmill with the STEAM Builder Bin

Want to Make This Summer STEAM Powered?

Drones and coding are only the beginning for the summer camps catalog. Have students explore the wonders of education with the STEM activity packs. TONS of activities that are TONS of fun! Or, try out the STEAM Builder Bin with the students who want more creative freedom on their adventure.

Get kids up and “atom” too with the hands-on iSprowt kits. They’ll be able to grow their science skills in no time with easy-to-follow instructions and bubbly project fun. Then, to wrap up the fun, have students design, make, break, and repeat using the 3Doodler, a tool allowing tactile learning where they can bring their ideas to life in 3-D!

“Last summer, I recommended that our middle school summer school students build toothpick bridges. The feedback I received said it went very well!” Chad Majeske, Grades 7-8 STEM teacher, Muskegon, MI

Boy and girl playing with How to Code a Sandcastle

Try Bringing Literacy to Life!

Use the Read-Aloud STEM kits curated by Carly and Adam to ignite a spark of curiosity in young minds. Their innovative approach seamlessly merges storytelling and engineering, captivating students through hands-on activities that push past the boundaries of conventional learning. Using engaging narratives and interactive projects, these kits foster a deep understanding of complex concepts while nurturing essential skills such as critical thinking and problem-solving.

By encouraging children to think outside the box, Carly and Adam empower them to explore the limitless possibilities of STEM, demonstrating that a project is not merely a task but a gateway to boundless creativity. With each kit, children embark on an enriching journey where literature comes alive and inspires a lifelong passion for learning.

Boy and girl assembling a KaZoon Kite

We Suggest Taking Summer Fun to the Skies!

Rockets, parachutes, and kites, oh my! Bringing the thrill of flight to your summer camp is sure to create powerful learning opportunities. Students can create their own unique KaZoon Kites or hot-air balloons to give their learning a lift. Of course, our favorite product is sure to be the Straw Rocket Launcher! Students can take their first steps in out-of-this-world learning while assembling rockets to launch.

“I have used R2K rockets, hot-air balloons, and MagLev tracks! All three of these were used as part of a rocketry week. The rockets and balloons were built and launched, exploring their similarities and differences, while the MagLev tracks were used on rainy days to keep the students building when we couldn’t go outside.” Anthony Grisillo, teacher librarian and AV coordinator, Media, PAGirls assembling a solar car from Innovator STEM box

A Summer of Solar Power!

It wouldn’t be a sunny summer of fun if students didn’t work with solar power! Help students to power up the future using our array of renewable energy products to get the green wheels turning! From wind power to solar ovens, there is an endless source of inspiration for these products.

As the summer approaches, it’s time for teachers to gear up for an exciting adventure in STEM! Using Pitsco’s summer camps guide, planning engaging, hands-on activities has never been easier. From drones and coding to STEAM activities, literacy connections, and outdoor adventures such as rocket launching and solar power exploration, there’s something for every young explorer. So, why wait? Dive into the 2024 Summer Camps Solution Guide now and make this summer one to remember using Pitsco’s STEM solutions!




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Abi Dreyer

Written by Abi Dreyer

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