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Easy ways to build STEM into your homeschool curriculum

Updated 6/12/24

STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education integrates the core disciplines that enable students to solve problems, be creative, think with their hands, work together, and articulate ideas – important 21st-century skills students need to be successful.

While most educators would agree STEM education is important, integrating it into an already full curriculum schedule can seem daunting. But teaching STEM doesn’t have to be complicated. As STEAM Powered Family notes, “The best STEM learning is hands-on and helps students learn to solve problems in fun, meaningful ways”. And homeschooling, which typically lends itself to more open-ended learning than traditional classrooms, is a perfect vehicle for STEM activities.

Let It STEM Naturally

STEM projects can be added to just about any part of your day or curriculum, so don’t feel the need to create rigid, structured curriculum lessons. Instead, seize the opportunities that come up throughout the day or week. How to Integrate STEM into Your Homeschool has the following suggestions:

Use Those Resources!

STEM learning works best when it’s hands on, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend valuable time creating hands-on projects for your students. Pitsco has an entire lineup of hands-on kits, packs, and activities perfect for the homeschool classroom. From Try This kits to STEM Explorer, Creator, and Innovator packs to Arduino Education Student Kits, and more, we have easy-to-integrate solutions guaranteed to feed the imagination of all your STEM learners!

Relax and STEM On!

However you decide to integrate STEM into your homeschool, just remember to enjoy it! “The most important thing about bringing STEM to your homeschool lessons,” says STEAM Powered Family, “is to . . . have fun doing it! Children always learn best when they are engaged and enjoying their lessons.”


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