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Make your camp/summer learning program planning easy

Summer is on the way! And that means camps are right around the corner. When we think of a summer camp, we picture pitching a tent or sitting around a campfire roasting s’mores or maybe kayaking across the lake. But, what about learning? Just because the school year is over, that doesn’t mean learning must come to an end too.  

At Pitsco Education, we believe that learning should continue throughout the whole year, and, even better, it should be fun! STEM summer programs allow students to develop future-ready skills while fostering a love of learning. They’ll get introduced to new career paths, grow their confidence, and go into the next school year without the summer slide.  

Our goal this summer is to make YOUR goals our priority. Every summer program looks different, each having its own unique challenges and needs. Luckily, Pitsco wants your summer planning to be smooth sailing!  

Summer Planning Made Easy 

We want to help you deliver the BEST summer program yet! Whether you’re looking to deliver high-quality, innovative, evidence-based programs; address learning loss and re-engage students; or just add a little something extra to your camp, we’ve got you covered! From a single product to a total transformative program, no request is too big or too small. Check out how we can lend a hand to your out-of-school program. 

Sounds Too Good to Be True 

Pitsco’s worked with numerous schools and organizations to create one-of-a-kind solutions that meet their needs, many of which were ESSER funded. Let’s take a look at just one example and see how our team brought a customized solution to a school district in Miami.  

The Network 

  • Miami-Dade School District 
  • Fourth-largest school district in the US  
  • 334,000 students 
  • 56,494 English language learners 

The Need 

  • Provide a STEM focus for their middle school enrichment camps for students to continue learning when school is out of session 
  • Train 187 teachers and troubleshoot the program 

The Solution 

  • STEM Creator Packs – shipped 5,000 boxes
  • Grades 6-8 
  • Step-by-step instructions in both English and Spanish 
  • Hands-on activities that incorporate STEM  
  • Four Pitsco-led remote professional development sessions over two days 
  • Each kit is also accompanied by a teacher’s guide.  

Explore our Out-of-School STEM Learning micropub that takes a deep dive into more stories from across the country. Read about places where Pitsco was able to provide an innovative program that met the needs of the organization we partnered with. 


Are you ready to start planning your summer camp? We’d love to create an out-of-school experience that’s perfect for you and your students! 


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