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Brandon Brill

Brandon Brill
In my role at Pitsco Education, I’m fortunate to be able to not only meet and converse with teachers and administrators, but I’m also lucky enough to see them in action. Whether they’re interacting with their curriculum teams in the conference room or on the floor showing their students how something works, I love to see the thought processes that go into or come out of our solutions. A great salesperson is a great storyteller. When you see the impact and engagement that our products bring, it only makes sense to share these with others so they can create their own experiences. As a former classroom teacher and coach, a husband to a long-time elementary teacher, and the father of three, I know how important the impact of our educators is. It is amazing that I still get to be part of making a difference!

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Pitsco, Crossland share a passion for education

Posted by Brandon Brill on October 20, 2021

A handful of weeks ago, on my way home from the office, I received a call from my 73-year-old neighbor. “So, you’re now getting into the construction business?” he somewhat jokingly asked. I started to explain the situation to him, and by the time I finished, he responded, “Well, that does make a lot of sense!” I hung up and went about my business and really hadn’t thought about the situation until I was in Philadelphia working a project with a STEM ecosystem.

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