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Youth racing program creates new career opportunities for underprivileged communities

Posted by Admin on November 11, 2021

Updated 6/11/24

Since its founding in 1998, the Urban Youth Racing School (UYRS) in Philadelphia has earned a fair amount of publicity for the spectacular opportunities it offers to inner-city students. Sneak a peek during the school’s Build A Dream summer program, and you’re likely to see students learning about engines, designing cars, and racing go-karts as part of a simulated racing team.

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Turn lemons into a lemonade stand: Inspiring entrepreneurship

Posted by Admin on August 16, 2021

Updated 6/4/24

One of the first entrepreneurial experiences many children have is operating a lemonade stand. It’s where some of us learn about the 4Ps of marketing, how to work with money, or how to follow through with an idea. And, just maybe for some, we catch the bug for business. For others, it’s just one-time fun that results in stickiness and sunburns.

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Drones: Incredible teamwork at exciting competition in Arkansas.

Posted by Preston Frazier on June 10, 2021

Updated 6/3/24

As one of Pitsco’s educational consultants, I work with the Midwest region of the US and help with different educational initiatives in schools. One of the best parts of my job is visiting schools or attending events – meeting with students and educators.

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Drone curriculum for middle and high schools

Posted by Preston Frazier on January 27, 2021

Updated 6/4/24

We have exciting curriculum options at Pitsco Education, especially around an emerging technology: drones.

We’ve all heard about drones and how they’re becoming more and more prevalent in our lives.

  • HVAC companies are using drones to inspect hard-to-reach places.
  • Farmers are using drones to survey crops to determine which crops are healthy and which ones are not.
  • And, yes, drones are even being used to wash windows!
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Entrepreneur: STEM skills + innovation

Posted by Admin on January 08, 2021

Updated 6/4/24

An idea.💡 Started from scratch.📝  From a brilliant mind. 🧠

That’s exactly where entrepreneurship begins.

I’m guessing we all know or can think of someone who is defined as an entrepreneur such as Elon Musk, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, or maybe someone you know personally. For me, it’s my brother.

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