Patty Cooke

Patty Cooke
Hello! I work as a communications assistant here at Pitsco, editing, writing, helping with publications, and working with other departments to help create awesome STEM materials and resources. I learned my love of storytelling from my dad, who constantly entertained me and my 11 siblings with the most fascinating, albeit fictional, stories. His tales kept us out of our mother’s hair for a while and probably saved her sanity. Our blog posts aren’t fictional, of course, but I still enjoy infusing the same amount of fun that Dad put into his stories. I hope reading these posts brings you equal enjoyment.

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What can you do with your Title I funds?

Posted by Patty Cooke on January 11, 2018

Note: Based on a Network article by Pat Forbes

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Make your makerspace work for you

Posted by Patty Cooke on October 19, 2017

You’ve acquired the funding for your makerspace. You’ve found a space, set the grade levels, and convinced your community of the benefits. What next?

Start Simple

Depending on your budget, you might not have a lot of funds for the big-ticket items in the beginning. Luckily, setting up a good makerspace doesn’t require large, expensive equipment. To begin, try filling your space with items you can buy in bulk, such as wheels, axles, wood blocks and pieces, straws, balloons, spools, and craft sticks. Students don’t need much to get their imagination going, and simple pieces such as these are a great way to start.

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Connecting classrooms around the world

Posted by Patty Cooke on July 27, 2017

When Roy Bartnick was in the US Army, he got to see different parts of the world and experience different cultures and people. Now that he’s a teacher, he wants his students to have those same experiences – to be able to step outside their traditional classroom setting and see the bigger picture.

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Scaled approach to constructing real-world skills

Posted by Patty Cooke on June 22, 2017

DOTHAN, AL – Engaging students – and holding their attention – can be difficult under the best of circumstances. But when students come to school hungry, tired, distracted by problems at home, or dealing with other issues, it can be a recipe for failure.

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Every student gets a chance to lead

Posted by Patty Cooke on May 25, 2017

Ah, group projects – the awkwardness of dividing up assignments; the fear that you’ll let your group down (or worse, that you’ll have to do a presentation!); and the certainty that some of you will be doing the bulk of the work while others skate by, receiving the same grade for their minimal effort. I don’t know anyone who escaped school without having to do at least one collaborative project.

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