By Abi Dreyer / November 27, 2023

Celebrating Family Engagement Month

Hey there, education enthusiasts! As the vibrant colors of fall paint the world outside, we’re gearing up for a month full of family fun and educational excitement. November isn’t just any month; it’s Family Engagement Month, a time to celebrate the power of families in shaping young minds and supporting their educational journey. And guess what? We have the perfect way to make this month memorable and impactful!

Introducing the Family STEM Night Extravaganza!

We believe in turning education into a family adventure. That’s why we’ve curated the Family STEM Night Bundle, an amazing collection of 11 hands-on activities that promise endless hours of creative exploration. From crafting homemade roller coasters to launching straw rockets into the sky, these activities are designed to captivate young minds and foster a love for learning.

Family STEM Night Bundle image

Wait, there’s more! Our commitment to family STEM fun doesn’t end there. We’ve curated a selection of hands-on kits that are sure to engage everyone in the household. Dive into the world of literature with our Read-Aloud STEM packs, where popular children’s books become the backdrop for interactive activities, perfect for families of avid readers.

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Or perhaps, the allure of coding and computer science is more appealing? Then meet LUMA, our programmable robot designed to make coding accessible and enjoyable for both students and families. Together, explore career possibilities and real-world robotics in one exciting package.

LUMA animation

And, if that’s not enough, consider our Drone Maker Kit. This kit not only teaches engineering design but also delves into the complexities of flight physics. Imagine the delightful chaos of adults and students collaborating to assemble and fly their very own drone! With so many thrilling hands-on activities, the possibilities are endless.

Kids building drone with Drone Maker Kit image

Why Family Engagement Matters: Unlocking Potential, One Family at a Time!

Consider these four reasons why family engagement is so important.

  1.  Enhance communication  – At the heart of every successful family is effective communication. During Family Engagement Month, parents can actively engage with their kids, discussing educational goals and nurturing an open dialogue. By setting clear expectations and celebrating achievements together, families create a supportive environment that fuels a learner’s passion for learning.
  2.  Provide support beyond school walls  – Learning doesn’t end when the school bell rings; it continues at home. Families play a crucial role in reinforcing classroom teachings. By dedicating time at home to educational activities and assignments, parents strengthen their kids’ understanding of key concepts. This consistent academic support ensures a seamless learning experience for kids, with teachers and parents working hand in hand.
    Kids at home building a drone image
  3.  Guide real-world connections  – Ever wondered, “Why do I need to learn this?” Families can bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world applications. By illustrating how classroom lessons translate into practical skills and future opportunities, parents inspire their children. Understanding the relevance of education boosts motivation, turning every learning moment into a stepping stone toward a brighter future.
  4.  Become advocates for education  – Advocacy is the cornerstone of a child’s educational success. Families are the strongest advocates for their kids, ensuring they receive the attention and resources needed to flourish. By actively participating in their child’s educational journey, parents create an empowering environment where every young learner can thrive. This proactive approach not only shapes a child’s present but also paves the way for their future leadership in the world.

So, dear families, get ready for an exciting educational adventure! This Family Engagement Month, let’s turn November into a celebration of exploration, discovery, and fun. With a treasure trove of engaging at-home STEM activities, this month promises endless opportunities for learning and bonding. And guess what?

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The excitement just doesn’t end! If you’re looking for more STEM family fun, dive into Pitsco’s STEAMbright at-home activities. Specially crafted for home settings, these kits offer young learners the chance to explore STEM anywhere! Here’s to a November brimming with love, laughter, and unforgettable learning experiences!


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Abi Dreyer

Written by Abi Dreyer

Born and raised in Girard, Kansas, I’ve always known about Pitsco and the amazing work done here. So, getting the chance to become a part of the team and saying “we” instead of “they” is a dream come true. A graduate of Pittsburg State University, my work now is centered around supporting education, which I love. Each day brings a new and exciting challenge I can’t wait to face! After hours, you can find me painting, watching the Back to the Future trilogy AGAIN, or spending time with my husband and our two wild pups – Ziggy and Zelda.