By Molly Underwood / April 23, 2020

Your guide to creating a STEM @ Home educational experience

We believe hands-on, minds-on learning can happen anywhere and everywhere. And, as homes turn into classrooms, parents into teachers, and laptops and tablets into textbooks, STEMspiration is in high demand.

The good news is that STEM is our jam. We remain committed to leading education that positively affects learners and developing solutions for you. That’s why we worked together to create STEM @ Home a way to provide resources, giveaways, and ideas to support those who need it.

This is a new time for us and we’re all in it together. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been tough, yet we are so grateful to be charting these times together with you, the educators, the parents, the ones who are making a difference for students. While the school buildings are closed, learning is not canceled.

And we want to help. Explore ways in which your students, your family, or even you can use this time to fit in some learning fun!

Grow Your STEM Knowledge

Cabin fever is real right now. Thankfully, we have plenty of ideas to help cure that boredom, and one of them is to read! We have compiled some of our reading resources so you can exercise your brain and learn something new wherever you are. 

Invent Together  

Looking for ways to keep those hands and minds busy? Well, you’ve found the right place! We have hands-on experiments, activities, challenges, and projects to help get you STEMing all day!

  • Elementary STEM Activities – Use your imagination, grab supplies, and get creative. Yes, we’re building and making with items you have lying around your house. We have pulled some ideas from our 2019-2020 Elementary STEM catalog for builds you can do right at home. Get your STEM and STEAM hats on and start inventing! 

  • STEM Boxes – Take hands on home! We’ve put everything you need in a box to let your imagination run wild. We have designed three BRAND-NEW boxes for different grade levels to help create a fun and engaging at-home learning experience. All the hands-on materials and step-by-step instructions are included to start inventing, discovering, and creating! Plus, they’re currently $30 off and include free shipping! Order yours now

    K-5: STEM Explorer Pack

    Projects you can make:

    • Tilting maze
    • Bird feeder
    • Musical instrument
    • Parachutes
    • Large structures

    6-8: STEM Creator Pack
     Projects you can make:

    • Catapults
    • Balloon cars
    • Da Vinci bridges
    • Inventions
    • Friction climbers

9-12: STEM Innovator Pack

Projects you can make:

    • Trebuchets
    • Catapults
    • Kites
    • Solar cars

Virtually Hands On

Our social media accounts are constantly pushing out new ideas, resources, and inspo during this time! Be sure to follow Pitsco’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay in the know. Watch out for things such as Maker Mondays, teacher tips, Why Wednesdays, and more! Oh, and be on the lookout for giveaways happening every Friday!  🎉 

Here’s a little glimpse at some activities that are coming out on our social media:  

For more ideas, check out our Hands-On | STEM @ Home Pinterest board where we are adding new stuff each day!

We can’t wait to see what you make and hear what all you have learned! Tag us on social media or share a comment. 



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Molly Underwood

Written by Molly Underwood

Hey there! My role here at Pitsco Education is our Marketing Specialist. Days are filled with various marketing projects, managing our robotics social media accounts, and engaging with our TAG members. I am a Kansas State University alumna (GO CATS!) and live on a farm with my husband and Goldendoodle. I love working at Pitsco because of the people and the passion we all have for education.