By Patty Cooke / November 01, 2018

Relaunching a favorite: The Straw Rocket Launcher gets an upgrade

If you read Anna Gudde’s recent blog post, “Cover to cover STEM!,” you know that our 2018-19 Elementary STEM catalog came out recently. And if you’ve browsed the pages of the catalog, you might’ve noticed an exciting change to one of our most popular products – the Straw Rocket Launcher.

Assembling the Launcher

This iconic launcher has gotten an upgrade, including changes that make it easier to ship. These changes also make it easier for students to see the mechanics behind the launcher. Previously, the Straw Rocket Launcher came fully assembled. Now, though the base still comes preassembled, the angle plate, piston assembly, and launch tube assembly are ready for you and your students to put together.

Many times, “some assembly required” means groans and the beginning of a migraine, but trust me, this one is easy! The angle plate comes predrilled and slotted and includes the few screws and nuts needed to attach it to the base. The spring, piston assembly, and launch tube assembly easily slide onto and attach to the tube support mount. Not only will you have this assembled in no time, but you’ll also be able to show your students how the launcher works.

Extra Hands-on

In fact, you could take extra time while you’re assembling the launcher to explain the various parts and what they do. What is the spring for? What does the piston assembly do? How does all this add up to pneumatic force? You can find more interesting facts on rockets by checking out “Rocket aerodynamics.

One thing that hasn’t changed on the revamped launcher is the clear tube, which enables students to see the parts at work, making for some of the best hands-on learning you can imagine. And, of course, the adjustable trajectory angle and launch force both aid in problem-solving. With all this STEM learning going on, it’s easy to see why the Straw Rocket Launcher has remained one of our most popular items for K-12 teachers.

And don’t forget the straw rockets themselves! Check out all our straw rocket products and activities. And for more elementary fun, download or order our Elementary STEM catalog.



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Patty Cooke

Written by Patty Cooke

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