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By Abi Dreyer / January 26, 2024

A STEM spotlight on National Hobby Month

Let’s shine a STEM spotlight on National Hobby Month to experience the fusion of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics with the joy of pursuing hobbies! Now more than ever we're recognizing the value of cultivating a hobby that not only provides a creative outlet but also contributes to skill development and lifelong learning. We'll be diving into the exciting ways STEM curriculum and products can enhance various hobbies, making learning educational and enjoyable. Why? Because we want to help learners to fortify their growth and interest in a topic!

As an education-focused company, Pitsco strives to implement easy, effective ways for students, teachers, or anyone to begin their STEM adventure. Whether it be through activities or physical products, we want students and teachers to succeed in their pursuit to learn! There are several Pitsco products that provide achievable results for anyone who is motivated to try.

STEAM Builder Bin

For those learners who want more creative freedom to start their STEM journey, the STEAM Builder Bin has the parts, pieces, AND inspiration included. Using the idea cards, the next generation of engineers will never run out of activities to build their skills.

Two girls and a boy creating contraptions with the STEAM Builder Bin.

How does the STEAM Builder Bin help to fortify a student’s growth and interests? By fostering critical-thinking skills and promoting collaboration! Unlike other miscellaneous kits, this bin does not come with how-to directions to create projects. Students devise their own solutions to achieve the prompt given by teachers or the idea cards. This instills out-of-the-box thinking and promotes creative approaches to difficult problems. It may require the aid of team members too. So, collaboration becomes key as learners join forces to tackle challenges and bring their ideas to life.


Coding has become the most popular STEM topic and hobby for kids, and Blue-Bot® offers the chance to experience screen-free coding for K-3 learners. It is a great way to expose students to STEM at a young age to cultivate their comprehension and likability of coding!

A boy and girl student playing with a Blue-Bot.

How does Blue-Bot® help to fortify a student’s growth and interests? Because it is a unique STEM product that offers them a hands-on learning experience. To unleash the full potential of this adorable robot, students must physically interact with its functions, providing a tangible and interactive learning experience.

Drone Maker Kit

Interested in getting into drones? Great choice, because the industry of drones is continuing to grow in a professional and recreational way! The Drone Maker Kit offers an easy entry point to engineering and designing drones. Students get to build and fly their own drone.

An assembled drone from the Drone Maker Kit sitting on a table.

How does the Drone Maker Kit help to fortify a student’s growth and interests? Using adaptability and real-world application! The professional field of drones has grown to an all-time high, meaning the demand for pilots is only going to grow. The Drone Maker Kit can mirror the application of piloting and gauging an unexpected situation. This leads into the adaptability aspect. Real-world scenarios create unplanned situations that students must be prepared to overcome. It’s vital for students to adapt and think of a solution to a situation that is currently unfolding. Also, when designing and building the drone, their first attempt might not yield a fully functional drone. Students must work out the kinks and adapt their design until it is ready to be piloted.


If art is the topic of interest, we have the perfect hobby/STEM combo! The 3Doodler empowers students to bring their imaginations to life by providing a connection between traditional doodling and 3-D design. Whether it’s constructing intricate structures, designing patterns, or giving life to unique creations, the possibilities are endless.

Two girl students creating a design with the 3Doodler.

How does the 3Doodler help to fortify a student’s growth and interests? By enhancing creativity! The 3Doodler invites users to craft a design that is not only visually appealing but also functional. It sparks creativity by encouraging users to explore innovative ways to bring their designs to life. Whether they are building a bridge or designing their own 3-D house, creativity will be the root of that great idea.

In honor of National Hobby Month, consider the immersive journey that awaits when STEM meets hobbies. These Pitsco products serve as not just a starting point for skill development but also an enjoyable learning experience. As we spotlight the fusion of STEM and hobbies, we invite enthusiasts to explore, create, and discover the opportunities that lie at the intersection of curiosity and innovation! Be sure to browse our catalogs for even more ideas about connecting students with hobbies!



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Abi Dreyer

Written by Abi Dreyer

Born and raised in Girard, Kansas, I’ve always known about Pitsco and the amazing work done here. So, getting the chance to become a part of the team and saying “we” instead of “they” is a dream come true. A graduate of Pittsburg State University, my work now is centered around supporting education, which I love. Each day brings a new and exciting challenge I can’t wait to face! After hours, you can find me painting, watching the Back to the Future trilogy AGAIN, or spending time with my husband and our two wild pups – Ziggy and Zelda.