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TorqueNADO® review: Users share feedback

In August 2017, Pitsco released the TorqueNADO®, a powerful 12-volt DC motor with a built-in encoder for our TETRIX® MAX building system. This motor was the strongest motor available for competitors in the FIRST® Tech Challenge 2017-2018 season game, Relic Recoverysm. Many teams were able to use the TorqueNADO for competition this year and had lots to say about it.

Give Your Bot Muscle Power

The most common piece of feedback users gave us was that the motor could lift a lot! Here’s what they had to say:

“The TorqueNADO has so much more power than the other motors we have previously used; we were able to use it in an arm the other motors we had couldn’t lift.”

“It’s a pretty big motor, but it can carry a big load. We used it in competition in a chain and sprocket combo. It held up well and was able to deadlift a huge load.”

“Currently the TorqueNADO motor’s attached to our drawer slide lift, utilizing its powerful torque to lift the drawer slide and objects attached to it. Many other motors tried wore out over time due to the weight of the lifting mechanism, but the TorqueNADO proved to be the perfect solution. Its perfect balance of torque and speed provided the perfect power for our heavy-duty needs.” 


Save Time with the Built-In Encoder

While teams love TorqueNADO’s power, another popular feature is the built-in, high-resolution Hall effect encoder that comes with an encoder cable. This enables the TorqueNADO to be used with the TETRIX PRIZM® Robotics Controller, or any other autonomous robotics controller, out of the box and ready for coding. Let’s hear more feedback:

“The rotary encoder being built in was my favorite part.”

“It’s integrated with encoders increasing reliability and precision.”

“I love that it has an encoder built into it that is both durable and reliable. I also love how the motor is very powerful and I can replace the gearbox of it to get faster speeds or more torque.”

“It was used to power a winch that lifts a claw attached to an improvised linear rail. The encoder tells us the upper and lower limit of the lift so we don’t damage the robot or motor.”

Extend Your Options

Many of the teams that used the TorqueNADO for the FIRST Tech Challenge are happy with the durability of the motor. It was built specifically to withstand the rigors of competition, and it’s standing up to that test! The teams used the motor to lift a relic out of the competition area and to place it on a platform a distance away from the arena. The result:

“It was very useful because it gave us the extra power that we needed to successfully lift the weight of a fully extended four-foot-long arm with a relic on the end of it.”

Overall the TorqueNADO is a hit among FIRST Tech Challenge teams with many stating they would reuse it or buy more for other robots in the years to come. While we don’t quite know the game details for the FIRST Tech Challenge 2018-2019 season, we’re sure the TorqueNADO will help create a ruckus during the ROVER RUCKUSSM game.

The motor doesn’t just shine in competition, it also brings the same amount of durability and precision to classroom builds. Many of the teachers who used it in the classroom noted that the built-in encoder was a great feature.

Visit to learn more and start using TorqueNADO for your classroom builds and competition robots!


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