By Preston Frazier / August 06, 2018

TETRIX® PRIME leads to happy campers

Well, the end of summer can be a real bummer. But, it also brings an air of excitement and a bit of reflection on all the fun that was had! Throughout the STEMosphere, teachers have been hosting summer camps for learners all over the country. And in April, we shared some of our top spring and summer activities with you.

The TETRIX® PRIME building system made the list. PRIME is an excellent choice for camps, but don’t take my word for it. It’s best to hear firsthand.

Dr. Robin Lady from St. Louis Student Robotics Association (SLSRA) in St. Louis, Missouri, teaches day camps, STEM nights, weekend events, as well as summer camps. This year, she taught summer camp using TETRIX PRIME and was happy to share her experience.


PRIME Is Versatile and Easy to Use

“This year SLSRA sponsored two TETRIX PRIME camps for ages 9-11 as part of the Rockwood/Parkway Community Education Summer Camp. The two classes had 23 students.” Robin said. “TETRIX PRIME is my favorite system to use as a teacher because it’s well-made, easy to use, and fun. Plus it’s versatile enough to be used in many different ways. It’s a great system for kids that are ready to move on from plastic-only kits but not ready for power tools.”

PRIME Is Adaptable and Works Well with Others

Robin has also implemented complementary STEM activities that fit right into PRIMEs versatility and ease of use. “The students loved the TETRIX PRIME camp. We always start with them creating a 3-D printed item to use with the metal components, thumbscrews, and quick rivets. They love the introductory activity and try to build the biggest, most complicated bot they can.”


Robin continued, “The students are always excited to see how easily the parts go together but also that they get to use tools.”

What a great way to allow the students to have a hands-on, minds-on experience!

PRIME Leads to Aha Moments

As students dive deeper and begin to understand the system a little more, they begin to see everything come full circle and that proverbial light bulb switches on.

“It went from a bunch of boxes of parts to a working machine. The aha moments usually came after they built the wheel and motor bases and then combined them. . . . When it starts to look like a robot, the kids get very excited to keep going. Then at the end when it drives, they are always amazed that they did that.”

It Doesnt End Here

We’re thrilled SLSRA campers, and Robin, had a great camp experience. But the learning doesn’t just stop. A hands-on, minds-on summer can mean more success in the school year. The technical learning and the soft skills developed can be used as they reenter the classroom. Plus, we hope the excitement they felt helps spur future interest in robotics.

Have your own summer camp success? Drop us your story in the comments!

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Preston Frazier

Written by Preston Frazier

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