By Jake Rudisill / December 17, 2020

5 ways to get great customer support

I’m sure most can agree that 2020 has been anything but consistent. (Newsflash!) 

If anything, it seems the only consistency this year has been change. Each day, you have new information, new regulations, and new approaches to the way you live your life popping up all around you. However, one thing that remains consistent – now and during the past 49 years of Pitsco’s existence – is our approach to supporting you.

Pitsco was founded on the principle of providing fast and friendly service to educators and students who – then and now – desperately need hands-on resources and a provider who shares the same passion of positively affecting the lives of learners in classrooms around the world.

Harvey Dean, our founder and a former educator, has accomplished building a work environment that always puts learners and educators at the center of everything we do. From product development to hiring to even the clean-looking white boxes used for shipping, every facet of our daily work places a focus on you.

With more than 44 percent of our customers continuing to do business with us for more than 20 years, Pitsco delivers this promise by looking at service not as a business activity but as a way of life. It’s in our DNA and in the makeup of our employees. So, what really is our approach? It’s to always do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do – and to ensure we approach service in creative ways that deliver win-win solutions and experiences for all parties involved.

Just as our solutions look to meet students where they are in their learning journey, our approach to service continues to do the same. Pitsco saw 2020’s challenges and answered them by developing resources to enable students to experience STEM and robotics from anywhere. We also offer support channels that let educators connect with us virtually when they need us most.

Speaking of meeting you where you are, here’s a list of the Pitsco teams available to assist you today, tomorrow, and throughout the whole year.

1. Product Support

The Pitsco Product Support team members are tech-savvy support specialists available year-round (even in the summers) to assist you with any technical and product-use questions or challenges you might experience while working with your Pitsco solutions. They also travel nationwide and install Pitsco curriculum solutions that are part of our full-scale programs.

"Pitsco provides not only materials, but full support. They are small enough to be personable and friendly and large enough to be efficient. They are clearly passionate about their mission to engage all kids in high-quality STEM education." – Debra Rouse, Lowden, IowaYou can reach them by:

2. Order Support

The Pitsco Order Support team is so helpful, and you can hear the smiles in their voices! This team is available to assist with any of your order, return, or logistical needs. No matter if you need to place an order or track something down, you’re covered.

You can reach them by:

3. Educational Consultants

Not quite sure which Pitsco solution fits your needs? No worries! Our educational consultants can help you navigate the 4,000+ solutions Pitsco offers to customize a plan that fits the needs of you, your students, and your classrooms.

"The level of individualized support you offer our teacher is amazing. It’s like having another instructional coach on our staff. Your relationship and ability to coach with empathy is appreciated. You took time to not only see a successful launch, but ongoing implementation; that level of capacity building is needed to sustain a successful program." – Sharrah Pharr, Kyle, Texas

You can reach them by:

4. Educational Services

Your first step is finding the right solution. The next is understanding how to properly implement it in your students’ learning path. The most important mission of this team of former educators is to ensure teacher and student success with Pitsco solutions in the classroom through the delivery of professional development services, both virtually and in person.

To learn more about Pitsco’s Educational Services offerings, visit Pitsco.com/Professional-Services, or, if you’re interested in scheduling a professional development session, email pitscopd@pitsco.com.

5. Future Needs

As you look past 2020 and into the future 🤞, whatever you need, you can always count on Pitsco and our service. Know that we’ll be here when you need us most, and we’re willing to meet you where you are to solve your challenges, answer your questions, and partner with you to positively impact the lives of learners in your classrooms!

In a year where challenges seem to arise daily, we want to let you know that we’re in this thing together and here to help!



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Jake Rudisill

Written by Jake Rudisill

Hey, everyone! I’m the Customer Relations Manager here at Pitsco Education, working with both the Product Support and Order Support teams. My passion for customer experience is driven by more than a decade of experience in sales, marketing, commercial graphics, and branding. I joined the Pitsco team in 2018 and connect with our solutions by way of my wife and four amazing kids who LOVE using anything hands on. I often use my family as inspiration when working with the learning journey for our solutions. I’m also all about being creative, solving problems, interacting with people, and am an avid sports/football fan (Go Chiefs)!