By Jessica Born / May 08, 2017

Thank you, teachers!

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week! Woooo, we love celebrating educators!

Recently, we asked several staff members to reflect on teachers within their lives, past or present. Some shared memories of their favorite teacher. Others shared what they admired most about their children’s teachers. And some told about a few of the amazing educators they’ve encountered within their work with our company. We noticed a few themes that came through in many of the stories and recollections that we venture to say are central to how we might describe you or perhaps how you might describe educators you know.

Teachers Have Passion

ThankYou_NevinJones5_0517.pngThankYou_PJGraham5_0517.pngTeachers Push Us to Do Our Best

ThankYou_PattyCooke5_0517.pngTeachers Care and Encourage


ThankYou_PrestonFrazier5_0517.pngAt Pitsco, we have the privilege to work with hundreds of teachers each year. Each teacher brings his or her own approach, focus, and flair to the role, but there’s always one constant: the desire to see students grow and succeed. We are always humbled by the selflessness, the positivity, and the care demonstrated by teachers we encounter. Y’all are great people.


So, please remember, during the times when papers that need graded are piling up and your time and supplies are running low . . . YOU ARE ENOUGH. You are the reason we will have scientists, accountants, engineers, entrepreneurs, artists, teachers, dreamers, and doers. You are the reason the next generation will be prepared to thrive. You are appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

Thank you for your energy.

Thank you for your knowledge.

Thank you for your creativity.

Thank you for your optimism. 

Thank you for your compassion.

Thank you for your choice to make a difference every day.

Thank you for choosing students.


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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week from all of us at Pitsco!

P.S. Stay tuned in to our social media accounts this week! We’ll continue to share more staff reflections.

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Jessica Born

Written by Jessica Born

Well, hey there! I’m the digital marketing manager for Pitsco Education. Marketing and special events have been my jam for about the last decade. I’m an alumna of Kansas State University and the University of Arkansas. I fill my Pitsco days with social media management and supporting video and web projects. My weekends are for time in the kitchen, real estate and home projects, and adventuring with my husband and our Dood, Garth. The best part of my role here is getting to bring creativity and organization to our efforts to connect with YOU!