By Patty Cooke / October 19, 2017

Make your makerspace work for you

You’ve acquired the funding for your makerspace. You’ve found a space, set the grade levels, and convinced your community of the benefits. What next?

Start Simple

Depending on your budget, you might not have a lot of funds for the big-ticket items in the beginning. Luckily, setting up a good makerspace doesn’t require large, expensive equipment. To begin, try filling your space with items you can buy in bulk, such as wheels, axles, wood blocks and pieces, straws, balloons, spools, and craft sticks. Students don’t need much to get their imagination going, and simple pieces such as these are a great way to start.

Consider Kits

Two makerspace favorites that we suggest are Pitscos Catapults Maker Project or Toolbox Racer Maker Project. And be sure to check out our quick videos for these and other kit options such as our AP Dragsters and Blade Engineering.

Stock the Space

When you – and your students – are ready, start adding tools and supplies. Things such as scissors, staplers, and paper clips can be added easily, even from the beginning. However, you’ll eventually want to add more advanced tools and supplies to make projects a bit easier. Coping saws, glue guns and glue dots, and the like, when used with proper supervision, can help students take their projects to the next level.

Don’t Forget the Storage

You’ll need a place to put all these awesome new makerspace tools – and the projects students create with them! Rolling storage carts and files, supply organizers, bins, labels, and markers are essential for a well-run makerspace.

Don’t Stress – There’s No Test!

Kids (and adults) create best when they’re simply playing, so keep your makerspace a stress-free zone. Just as there is no one right way to do a makerspace project, there is no perfect blueprint for a makerspace. Make it yours, make it fun, and let the students do the rest!

Need more ideas for your makerspace? You can find them in our 2017-18 Maker Space catalog.You can also, read about whats new in this recent Network article.

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Patty Cooke

Written by Patty Cooke

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