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Let me tell you 'bout my best friend – Pitsco products style

Here at Pitsco, educational products are our thing. We’ve got 40 years’ worth of products filling up our catalog. With thousands of products, it can be a little confusing picking what items to purchase together. Luckily, I’ve got your back. In honor of Best Friend Day, I’m here to give you the rundown on a few of our products that fit together like peanut butter and jelly.


These three are best pals. Imagine them as those lifelong friends that have too many inside jokes; without each other they’d be lost. That’s a good idea of how these products work together.

The Wing Build Kit enables students to create their own airfoil. They can follow the included designs or try something of their own design. The combination of the Wing Test Stand and Air Control Funnel lets the newly constructed airfoils be tested. Simply build an Air Control Funnel, attach it to a 20-inch box fan, and set up the Wing Test Stand in front of the funnel with the airfoil attached to the stand. With the stand-and-funnel combination, students can test their airfoil’s aerodynamic lift from different angles of attack to see the efficiency of their design. This set of products helps teachers demonstrate the aerodynamics needed for the wings of airplanes. These products need each other to bring out their full potential.


Wind Energy

Sometimes, friends create this weird relationship where they all work together to fully realize the potential of only one member of the group, but they don’t mind because they’re selfless. They make one of them the best version of itself.

The Wind Turbine Experimenter’s Kit is our most advanced wind turbine when it comes to experimental freedom, and with the Wind Turbine Blade Kit and Air Stream, it becomes an even better wind turbine. It allows for six different gear ratios and multiple blade configurations. It also comes with alligator cables, a multimeter, and a weight lifting add-on so students can try numerous wind-powered activities. The Wind Turbine Blade Kit only adds to the possibilities by adding more blades and the possibility of different blade designs to the wind turbine. The Air Stream is an extra element to attach to a 20-inch box fan. With the Air Stream attached, the box fan's turbulent flow becomes a smooth laminar flow that allows for more consistent experimentation. With these three together, the Wind Turbine Experimenter’s Kit becomes the best wind turbine around.


Growing up, friends always argue about who is faster, and then you have to have an intense race off where you make one friend who is only there to watch the finish line decide the winner. That's actually a good analogy for these products.

Imagine these products as a smaller alternative to the usual huge dragster competitions. Or think of it as an intro to full-fledged dragster competitions further down the line. Students design their own car body (or use the provided design), build AP Mini Dragsters out of laser-cut chassis, and race their cars with the AP Dragster Launcher. By adding in the Win-Win Detector, you get a simple and effective way to detect which car won the race. The detector sits at the end of the track and blinks to show which car won the race. The detector’s sole mission in life is to indicate the winner. Your students get the thrill of a big dragster race without as many of the complications.


Physical Science

When you make a new friend, it’s usually because you share some kind of common ground. This common ground would definitely include people that like to throw things really far, hence the siege machines here.

Few classroom activities get students as excited as siege machines. There's just a unique thrill to be found in constructing machines meant to launch objects. Both the Trebuchet Kit and Catapult Kit give students the chance to learn about force and motion with the added dose of some medieval history. By adding different amounts of weights to the machines, students can try many different experiments. Sometimes, the measuring of how far an object was launched with the machines can be a hassle, though, and that’s where the Range Paper comes in. The Range Paper is a 24 in. x 50 yd roll of white paper. When students launch an object from their siege machine, it will land and leave a mark on the paper, allowing for easy measurements to be made. These three products will have students smiling while learning.



Imagine the perfect unity of friends who like to build things and then crush those things. It sounds harmonious, and these three products deliver that satisfaction.

The BridgePak has students learn about bridges and construct their own bridges from balsa wood, but with all of the balsa wood that comes in the pack, students could also construct towers and trusses. All of these different structures can be tested with the Structures Testing Instrument. Bridges and towers are testable by default, and with the addition of the Truss Tester, trusses can also be attached to the instrument. After students construct any of these structures, the instrument gives them the chance to test the strength of the structures' design. The instrument can apply up to 800 lb of force to a structure and shows the current and peak force with a convenient display. A software download even lets students hook up the instrument to a PC and record their data. These three products will fuel the creative and destructive sides of your students and make everyone happy.

These five lists highlight some great synergy in our products. They are like best friends hanging out and having a blast. Many of the kits Pitsco creates are great by themselves, but with these added products, students can learn even more from the experiments and gain the best learning experience. If you have any other products that you think are best friends, let us know in the comments below. There are many other products that can be found on our website at

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