By Jessica Born / May 04, 2017

Your STEM resource just got better!

Hello there. We’re excited to introduce you to our new blog!

We’ve got a fresh look and a new feel. And we’re stoked about it! We hope you find it to be approachable, personal, and applicable. This is a space through which we’ll share tips and tricks for your classroom and real stories of real learning from educators and students across the world. We’ll also point you toward information and strategies about funding classroom materials and how to meet standards.

Our blog writers are former educators and industry professionals from many fields, each of whom are committed to providing you relevant topics and posts that matter.

Perhaps you're looking for ideas to incorporate certain concepts in your classroom? We’ve got those. Maybe you want an example you can share with your administrator to help justify a purchase request? We can help! Or it might be you want to find a place to read about like-minded individuals who share the same struggles and joys you do. Check; you’ll see those too!

We hope this blog becomes a regular place of inspiration and information for you. Because, after all, we’re writing this for you!

If you’re new to the Pitsco family, welcome! We’re glad you’re reading this post right now! In case you didn’t know, we’re a company rooted in STEM education. Since 1971, we’ve been championing hands-on learning. From aerospace to engineering and from sustainable energy to robotics, our products, activities, curricula, and solutions are broad. We are dedicated to helping educators, parents, volunteers, and advocates bring an engaging, integrated approach to classrooms, camps, and competitions.

Please note, using family in the previous paragraph is an intentional word choice. We truly believe all our customers are more than just that. We love to interact with you on social media. We relish the chance to meet with you at conventions, trainings, and events. We strive to develop meaningful relationships that enable us to better serve you in your work. Educators have the most important job on the planet. We just want to help you do that job even better.

Check back often for our latest posts. We’ll talk to you soon!

Until then,
The Pitsco Education Team

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Jessica Born

Written by Jessica Born

Well, hey there! I’m the digital marketing manager for Pitsco Education. Marketing and special events have been my jam for about the last decade. I’m an alumna of Kansas State University and the University of Arkansas. I fill my Pitsco days with social media management and supporting video and web projects. My weekends are for time in the kitchen, real estate and home projects, and adventuring with my husband and our Dood, Garth. The best part of my role here is getting to bring creativity and organization to our efforts to connect with YOU!