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Top 10 spring and summer activities

Posted by Patty Cooke on April 05, 2018

As we dive deeper into spring – and look forward to summer – we prepare for the upcoming changes.

The warmer months ahead can mean many things, both good and, well, not as good. Better weather usually means more outdoor activities such as summer camps, but the extended time out of school can mean bored kids and a learning slide teachers fight against the rest of the year.

But spring fever doesn’t have to equal a lack of learning, and summertime doesn’t have to mean boredom. If you want to keep the learning going and keep students engaged, there are several things you can do.

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Presidents’ Day in the classroom – the hands-on, minds-on way

Posted by Melissa Karsten on February 19, 2018

February holds claim to having two of our country’s most famous presidents born in it – Abraham Lincoln on February 12 and George Washington on February 22. In all, four of our past presidents celebrate birthdays in February. It makes sense that we celebrate the office in this month. But that’s not the only reason. . . .

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The Big Book of teacher resources

Posted by Melissa Karsten on January 15, 2018

Do you have a stash of your favorite catalogs in a drawer, on a shelf, or on your desk somewhere? It might surprise you in today’s digital world, but many people do. Technology has brought us a long way – have you seen our new mobile-responsive website?! But theres something about flipping through catalog pages to get your shopping and exploration started! Thats why Pitsco continues to mail our catalogs and make them available digitally too.

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Pumpkin chunkin’ makerspace style

Posted by Admin on October 30, 2017

Fall sees the return of pumpkins. You see jack-o’-lanterns. You see pumpkin spice lattes. You see pumpkin pie. You see pumpkins everywhere! Here at Pitsco, we embrace this love of pumpkins, but we think it could be even more fun combining them with siege machines. 

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Make your makerspace work for you

Posted by Patty Cooke on October 19, 2017

You’ve acquired the funding for your makerspace. You’ve found a space, set the grade levels, and convinced your community of the benefits. What next?

Start Simple

Depending on your budget, you might not have a lot of funds for the big-ticket items in the beginning. Luckily, setting up a good makerspace doesn’t require large, expensive equipment. To begin, try filling your space with items you can buy in bulk, such as wheels, axles, wood blocks and pieces, straws, balloons, spools, and craft sticks. Students don’t need much to get their imagination going, and simple pieces such as these are a great way to start.

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