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Not magic, but science: How to fool your friends this April Fool’s Day

Posted by Jessica Born on April 01, 2020

Editor’s Note: The following experiments are not original ideas. The specific projects we’ve shared are adapted from Boys’ Life, Life Over C’s, Steve Spangler Science, ThoughtCo., and Wonderopolis. We encourage you to give their sites some exploration for more STEMspiration and ideas for learning at home. 

April Fool’s Day — it’s a holiday you either love or love to ignore. 

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2020 Big Book roundup

Posted by Admin on January 27, 2020

The year 2020 is sure to bring some pretty awesome things to life – and all of us here at Pitsco Education can confirm that this year we are thrilled to offer more STEM products that will make 2020 epic!

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Organizational tips for your Pitsco lab

Posted by Aubrey Vance on January 23, 2020

My mother was a professional organizer. Yup, it’s an actual profession. She’d go into homes, classrooms, and businesses and organize their chaos. Pretty sure I inherited very few of her organizational guru skills. In fact, as a novice classroom teacher I always knew where everything was, but it was usually buried behind a pile of papers or still in a box in the corner (sound familiar?). I mean, I kept the chaos to the edges, but it was far from organized. Luckily, the longer I was in the classroom, the better organized things became — I picked up a few tricks along the way from my mom as well as from colleagues. Now I’m out of the classroom and visiting many of yours!

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National Inventors’ Day: A day for creating

Posted by Patty Cooke on February 11, 2019

February 11 is National Inventors’ Day, a day to honor inventors of all kinds. But more than anything it’s a day to celebrate ingenuity. We’re surrounded by products, processes, and inventions that started as an idea – usually an attempt to solve a problem – and ended as something that makes our lives better in one way or another. National Inventors’ Day celebrates the creative genius in all of us.

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CO2 dragster competition puts employability skills at the finish line

Posted by Jessica Born on October 05, 2018

Think back to middle and high school. Were you a part of a club or two? Or maybe you were involved in basically everything that was offered? Have you ever reflected back to the time you spent in those organizations and the impact that experience had on your education and future? Maybe it was insignificant or incidental. But, maybe, the experience was pivotal to the person you became or to a career interest decision you made.

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