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The Big Book of teacher resources

Posted by Melissa Karsten on January 15, 2018

Do you have a stash of your favorite catalogs in a drawer, on a shelf, or on your desk somewhere? It might surprise you in today’s digital world, but many people do. Technology has brought us a long way – have you seen our new mobile-responsive website?! But theres something about flipping through catalog pages to get your shopping and exploration started! Thats why Pitsco continues to mail our catalogs and make them available digitally too.

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12HollyDays are back: 12 days. 24 gifts. Enter now!

Posted by Melissa Karsten on November 29, 2017

What’s more fun than giving away a gift at Christmastime to a friend or family member? Not much. So, we’re joining in on the fun! We’ll be gifting 24 items to our Pitsco friends and family throughout the first 12 days of December.

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Thank you, teachers!

Posted by Jessica Born on May 08, 2017

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week! Woooo, we love celebrating educators!

Recently, we asked several staff members to reflect on teachers within their lives, past or present. Some shared memories of their favorite teacher. Others shared what they admired most about their children’s teachers. And some told about a few of the amazing educators they’ve encountered within their work with our company. We noticed a few themes that came through in many of the stories and recollections that we venture to say are central to how we might describe you or perhaps how you might describe educators you know.

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