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FIRST® Championship renews hope for the next generation

Posted by Aaron Locke on May 03, 2018

When was the last time you were truly amazed at something? I don’t mean like, “yeah, that’s cool” amazed. I mean jaw-dropping, “I totally can’t believe what I’m seeing!” amazed. That was me during the third week of April as I attended the world FIRST® Championship in Houston.

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Robots on parade! Inspiration for National Robotics Week

Posted by Melissa Karsten on April 10, 2018

Happy National Robotics Week! We  robots, so it is safe to say this is one of our favorite weeks of the year. Were celebrating with a giveaway and a parade. A robot parade, to be exact. Everyone needs a little inspiration and a smile from time to time, right?

Were fans of big bots and small ones, stationary and mobile ones, and basic and advanced ones. The creations and capabilities are endless. Robots can mimic movements and expressions. They can complete tasks. They can make processes more efficient. They can challenge us. They can even help us learn. 

Are you currently building a robot? Finalizing your competition build? Tinkering away on an idea? Check out some of our latest and greatest builds plus some from the Web. We know no matter the shape, size, or purpose of your robot,  sometimes a little inspiration can go a long way. 

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FIRST® Tech teams dig into RELIC RECOVERYSM game

Posted by Admin on September 19, 2017

FIRST® released the new game for this season’s FIRST Tech Challenge, RELIC RECOVERYSM, and it’s already building excitement as well as inspiring a slew of Indiana Jones-inspired memes!

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Does your robot’s motor have enough power?

Posted by Admin on September 18, 2017

With a new season of the FIRST® Tech Challenge on the horizon, students will need the best parts to build a robot that can handle the rigors of competition. To complement the unmatched durability of the TETRIX® MAX building system, our robot guys have created the TorqueNADO™, a powerful 12-volt DC motor with built-in encoder. This is a motor you won’t want to miss.

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STEM like a girl: Why all-girl teams stand out at FTC®

Posted by Admin on August 07, 2017

We’ve heard the statistics. We’ve seen the evidence. We know there's disparity for girls and women pursuing academic attainment and careers in STEM fields.

One solution that's tossed into the mix for fixing the issue is advocating for all-girls schools, programs, and organizations. There’s little consensus among the research to indicate why a gender-divided approach works. So, in late spring, we did our own informal, brief investigation at the FIRST® Tech Challenge Robotics Championships in Houston, TX.

A quick glance of the rosters at the championship and you’ll see a good number of all-girls teams participating. To name a few: Ponytail Posse, Rock N’ Roll Robots, RoboChicks, Diva Force, Iron Maidens, and more. We chatted with a few about what having an all-girls team means, how it can help, and why it was important to them.

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Topics: BEYOND THE CLASSROOM, Competitions, ROBOTICS, FIRST Tech Challenge, Technology