By Cody White / October 13, 2017

SySTEM Alert! puts the story in STEM

The real world. Is there a phrase more apt to strike fear into the hearts of students and to rouse teachers to the call of duty? Students are moving headlong toward the real world, and its the job of educators to help them prepare for this encounter. But if the real world is seen as a specter of dread and obligation, much has been missed. How about excitement, wonder, purpose, opportunity, or connection?

SySTEM Alert! is a free resource for your students. Its purpose is to highlight the ingenuity and intricacies in the world all around them and to show the many ways these connect to their present and future lives. Every product your students use tells many stories. Look closely at one and we can see in it tales of inspiration and perspiration in its engineering, sagas of societal change brought about by the technology that it represents, and the record of hard-fought scientific and mathematical knowledge that made it possible.

And the best part for your students? In their lives, they can play a part in these stories. Tomorrow is almost here. What it will look like depends on them.

In the school year’s first issue of SySTEM Alert!, you can explore the secret history of pneumatic power and how it prefigured the Internet. You can discover a great challenge facing computer engineers as well as speculations about how we can meet it.


Learn about the relationship between the biology of trees and the physics of paper towels. Read about glasses allowing wearers to dramatically increase the number of colors they perceive. And, in the ongoing STEM Force comic, see a simple experiment that led to a cosmic discovery. 

SySTEM Alert! is distributed with The Pitsco Network magazine. You can find free PDFs of individual issues at as well as quizzes covering the content of each issue. Be sure to look for the next issue coming later this month.



Cody White

Written by Cody White

As a communications assistant at Pitsco, my job is to learn about interesting developments in the world of education and STEM and to bring those stories to you. Everywhere you look in life there are incredible stories. This is something I learned during a childhood spent exploring the woods with a magnifying glass. It’s great to work for a company that prizes learning, imagination, and exploration.