By Eric Simmons / January 24, 2019

Samples and support made easy: A part of the Pitsco experience

Though a busy time for many, the holiday break provides the opportunity to recharge so you can hit the New Year running. And then the first month of the year is usually spent focusing on new or better habits. We try to approach our work in the same way. We’re focused on you and your students as we have been for nearly 48 years while we continue to better your experiences and our offerings.

Sample It! We’ve Got Resources at the Ready

If you’re like me, you want to know as much about a product before you order it. Three months ago, a friend recommended a book to me, and it was on my mind to order. Unfortunately, I didn’t find the time to pursue it. Then, over Christmas break, I was traveling to see my family and thought, “This would be a great time to listen to the book.” I logged on to my Amazon account and listened to the free sample – I was hooked immediately and made the purchase! The ability to sample a product is an important part of the buying process for many people. Pitsco Education is committed to providing samples, and even free downloads, of our rich content so that you can make an informed decision about a solution that will directly impact your students. has hundreds of extensive resources that are just a click away. Let’s start with the newest addition to the site – one we’re thrilled to provide you – our Enhanced Teacher’s Guides. We revamped nine of our most popular teacher’s guides to include a variety of STEM activities, pretests and posttests, video links, career information, and applications of the 4Cs (communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity). In addition to being full of new elements, they are now available for FREE DOWNLOAD! 


Even beyond these teacher’s guides, we’ve got your back. If you’re a middle school teacher considering STEM Units and want to see a sample scope and sequence for a unit, we can help. If you’re a kindergarten teacher and want to learn more about coding in elementary, no problem, we have you covered. And that’s just the beginning. Many of our products have sample activities and curriculum excerpts in the Resources section on their product detail pages.

Plus, if you want to know what educators just like you have said about the product or solution, look for a blue quote box at the bottom of the product’s page. (We’re always looking for more feedback from the classroom, so if you have a success story to share about your experience with a product, feel free to drop us a line or tell your state’s educational consultant! We’d love to hear about it.)

Getting Started and Meeting Standards

Over the years, we’ve worked alongside educators to gather input about what it means to get started with STEM. With their help, we’ve created getting-started guides for ensuring your success with your students. 


From hearing your experiences, pain points, and priorities, we also know you’re being held accountable to show what you’re teaching has educational value and is aligned to state or national standards. Our curriculum is correlated to many of the same state and national standards. For example, take a peek at this Catapult Teacher’s Guide. To check for understanding of content and concepts, we also offer logbooks. We’ve found that using logbooks helps students better articulate their thoughts to the teacher through not only conversation but also writing.

Supporting You Online and Beyond

Teaching can be stressful enough. We want to make stocking your classroom, planning curriculum, or building a comprehensive program easier. When you browse, keep an eye out for opportunities to get a closer look at curriculum, download sample guides or activities, watch a quick video, and much more.

Not seeing what you need? Not sure where to start or look? Have a technical issue or just have a general question? We love connecting with you. We’re just a call, chat, or email away.



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Eric Simmons

Written by Eric Simmons

I had a passion to help students from an early age and it lead me to a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education at Pittsburg State University. Seeing students succeed, either in the classroom or on the playing field, is a great motivator for me. And growing up on a farm made me aware that I learn best by using my hands. I’ve always loved tearing apart almost anything and figuring out how it works. Now, as the lead for the Pitsco Education sales team, this intrigue is what gets me out of bed each morning, and has me looking forward to discussing with educators how we can improve their students’ learning with hands-on solutions.