By Melissa Karsten / March 02, 2018

Resources to fund classrooms – show me the money!

Based on an article by Pat Forbes published in February-March 2018 issue of The Pitsco Network.

Even if you’re not a Jerry Maguire fan, the sentiment is still clear. We know you’re looking for where the money can aid in funding your classroom(s). Let us show you where some of the money isOne resource is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that provides funds in the US and overseas. Their latest foray is to focus on backing locally inspired solutions.

Pitsco’s STEM Professional Development (PD) supports the objective to stress middle and high school teachers having access to high-quality, standards-aligned curriculum choices in English, math, and science, which will be accompanied by professional learning opprotunities. Our custom sessions help teachers better understand STEM and make the STEM connections that help students better understand STEM too. And, true to form, teachers learn through engaging hands-on activities and take home a product they can use with their students.

Besides STEM PD, the Gates Foundation could be a supporter of TETRIX® robotics, the TETRIX PULSE™ Robotics Controller, or K-9 STEM solutions. For instance, Pitsco STEM Expeditions® curriculum has been profiled to workplace-readiness standards.

Below are more opportunities for grant funding. But don’t forget, you can always apply for the Pitsco $350 Grant that we award monthly.

Grant Opportunities
Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation
Voya Foundation
Ezra Jack Keats Foundation
McCarthey Dressman Eduation Foundation
American Honda Foundation


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Melissa Karsten

Written by Melissa Karsten

Anyone that knows me well knows I love to ask questions and get excited about learning. So, it’s been awesome throughout the last 13+ years with Pitsco to have so many opportunities to ask educators questions online and in their classrooms and learn from them. But, I have to say, my favorite part is witnessing the students’ “aha!” moments using the hands-on approach. Being a crafter – I’d love to be on "Flea Market Flip!" – I can relate. Now, if there were just a few more hours in the day for my digital projects, gardening, beekeeping, running, and what I call puppy time!