By Preston Frazier / June 15, 2018

Makers, we’re celebrating you

Sometimes it feels like there’s a holiday for everything. Sometimes they’re silly and sometimes they’re spot on. This week’s theme is one we can really get behind. It’s the National Week of Making! Lets celebrate the doers of our society – the everyday people and educators all over the world who embrace and challenge their ingenuity, creativity, and innovativeness. June 11 to 17 are the official dates during which many are celebrating the diversity of makers and the ever-growing maker movement. According to Adweek, the maker movement “is the umbrella term for independent inventors, designers and tinkerers.” But we’ll be honest; we dont think a single week is enough. Making happens on the daily, and that’s something to celebrate!

So, do you invent? Do you design? Do you tinker? Do you think outside of the box and bring it to life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, congratulations! This week is for Y-O-U. 

Pitsco supports makers and understands the importance of encouraging making within the classroom. At its core, maker ed is about hands-on, minds-on experiences. This isn’t just a trend for us; it’s part of our company DNA. We’re about imagination and ingenuity with everyday items and some cool tech. 

As such, for the last few years we’ve tried to help making in the classroom even easier. Let’s look at three packages that encourage future makers: the Elementary Maker Space Package, the Middle-Level Maker Space Package, and the High School Maker Space Package.


Elementary Maker Space Package

The Elementary Maker Space Package, geared specifically for K-5 students, includes 20 Pitsco hands-on products that are sure to get your makers thinking, designing, and building. 

This package includes everything from straw rockets to toolbox racers to parachutes to ruler making to roller coasters (I know we all love a good roller coaster!). It enables students to have fun while learning about topics such as math, structures, and sustainable energy. Check out this sample activity.

What more could you want for your makerspace and for your elementary makers?


Middle-Level Maker Space Package

There’s a package geared towards your middle school makers as well! This one is for Grades 6-8 and includes 23 of Pitsco’s most popular projects.

As an example, your learners can shoot solid-fuel rockets through the air and learn about trajectory and thrust. They can create their very own dragster and discuss the concepts of force and drag. They can make their very own bridge and learn about all that entails. Take a look at a sample activity.

The possibilities are endless for your middle school maker with this package.


High School Maker Space Package

Last, but not least, is the package designed for your high school learners and makers. Teach your students critical thinking and encourage them to create! This package includes 28 of Pitscos products, covering all STEM concepts such as aerospace, robotics, physical science, and more. They can even learn about solar energy by cooking up something real nice on our solar oven kit Review a sample activity.

I’d venture to guess that all of us have a little maker in us that wants to invent, design, and tinker with the best of them. So, this week, have fun, celebrate, MAKE, and enjoy the process!! Happy making.

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PS: Want to see more from our Maker Space assortment? Request a copy or download our latest Pitsco Maker Space catalog now!



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Preston Frazier

Written by Preston Frazier

Hi all! I’m one of Pitsco’s educational account representatives and have the pleasure of serving the Midwest. I travel quite a bit visiting with teachers, and presenting at workshops whenever I have the opportunity to do so. I’m an alum of the University of Missouri and Pittsburg State University and a supporter of our Big Brothers Big Sisters local chapter. I love traveling, going to sporting events, and hanging out with my wife and daughter whenever possible.