By Aubrey Vance / January 31, 2022

Log on and grow: Explore virtual professional development options

Coauthored by Tim Cannell, Education Manager

The past couple of years have brought a wide variety of challenges, which means there are opportunities to grow. At Pitsco, we always aim to grow with our customers and to support their needs. With a need for more remote classrooms and socially distant events, we’ve mirrored our professional development to match (of course, we still offer face-to-face PD as an option!).

But, how do you get the most out of your remote professional development? There are no treats. No face-to-face socializing with your peers and Pitsco facilitators. Don’t worry, we’ve got some ways to help you out! We’ve developed several e-learning courses around topics we believe will be of interest to you. We offer six different e-learning courses – and we’re growing!

Current courses include:

7 Benefits and Ways to Get the Most Out of Your PD Experience

  1. Take an active role: We’ve found that the teachers who are active learners in the e-learning course get more out of it. They complete the hands-on portion and the tasks presented in the course as well as take notes on what they’re learning.
  2. Variety of learning modalities: Our course creators are versed in adult learning theory – which means they’ve worked hard to vary the ways you learn in the course. From videos to understanding checks to comments, we mix it up so the course moves along while keeping you engaged.
  3. Complete at your pace: We’ve all been there. We participate in a PD where we just needed a little more time to work on understanding the topic. Or, we were on the other side of the spectrum: the topic is familiar, and were ready to move on. But, because we’re there as a group and we support one another, we all move at the same pace. With e-learning courses, YOU set the pace. You want to do a little each day during your prep period? Awesome! You want to knock it out in one day? Sweet! It’s up to you. Our platform will keep track of what you’ve completed so whether you leave for a day or an hour, we’ll bring you back where you left off!
  4. Wait. I forgot. How do I . . . ? The beginning of the school year is often an overload of information. You’re instructed on so many different topics. But, you don’t apply them all right away; we all know what happens. You forget. And that’s OK. Whether you complete the course at the beginning of the year or you put it off until you’re ready to implement the product, the course is ready and waiting for you! Either way, you have the tools at your fingertips for a successful implementation!
  5. Hands on: You know that hands-on learning is crucial to education, and you integrate it into your lessons. Our e-learning courses provide plenty of opportunities to practice what you’re learning. Our goal is to keep you engaged in the course and have some practical application that you can use in the classroom.
  6. From the comfort of your home: You want to complete the course in your pajamas? Go for it. You want to do the coursework on a beach in Hawaii? Cool! Do it! As long as you have your device and a Wi-Fi connection, you’re good!
  7. Support: Our relationship with you is paramount at Pitsco Education. That means whether you complete the e-learning course or we conduct a face-to-face workshop, you’ll receive the exact same support. During the course, you’ll be in contact with a Pitsco facilitator who can answer questions, share ideas, or troubleshoot with you.
Look at you grow! We love that you’re committed to cultivating the lifelong learner in you. And, we can’t wait to continue to help you do just that – as we mentioned, we’re continuing to expand our PD offerings. Stay connected for future options. Happy learning!



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Aubrey Vance

Written by Aubrey Vance

Hi friends! I’m a former elementary school teacher who turned in her grade book in order to come and visit YOUR classrooms. For the past few years, I’ve been working with Pitsco as an Educational Services Manager — which basically means I work with you to figure out what curriculum is the best fit, I train you on the materials, and then I come back to see you in action. We’ve got some phenomenal teachers out there and I love working with you! When I’m not hard at work, I’m out adventuring in the mountains of my home state of Utah, performing in community theater, or curling up with a good book.