By Lisa Paterni / January 26, 2017

What's new from Pitsco in 2017?

Happy New Year! OK, it might be too late into 2017 by now to officially say that, but I’d like to sincerely wish all of you well in this coming year. We’re excited about all that 2017 has to offer and would like to share a few things we have in the pipeline.

      • New shipping rates – You've spoken and we've listened. One of the biggest requests we receive as an organization is free shipping. I am very happy to announce that as of January 2017, customers can enjoy free shipping on all orders over $500. Additionally, we've adjusted our rates on smaller orders, meaning you can get the same great Pitsco products delivered to your door at a lower cost.
      • Makerspace – In 2016, we released our first makerspace catalog featuring new Pitsco Maker Projects complete with storage. So many of our products fit perfectly into makerspaces, and this year, we will continue to expand in the makerspace area with more products and ideas about how to use our products in a makerspace. Look for another Pitsco Maker Space catalog in 2017!
      • Symposia – This year, we’re hitting the road to demo our cloud-based STREAM Missions and STEM Expeditions®. We realize that the format of Missions and Expeditions is very different from what teachers are used to seeing, whether they’ve had experience with our curriculum or not. The hands-on, team-based Missions curriculum for elementary integrates reading practice, math, and art into core science instruction in every Mission. Expeditions are a similar curriculum experience for middle-grade students. STEM Expeditions promote science inquiry, math practices, and the engineering design process by incorporating STEM concepts into real-world, collaborative activities. The symposia we have planned for this year will give educators a chance to log on, explore on their own, and talk through how this might work with Pitsco team members and with other teachers in attendance.
      • Website makeover – With the ever-changing digital world, we plan to focus heavily on bringing many of our digital platforms up to speed, and one of these includes updating our website. You can expect to start seeing these changes rolled out throughout the year, or if you have recently placed an order you might have already experienced our first improvement, which is a streamlined checkout process. We’ve been tracking customer feedback in regard to the website and taking notes as we work toward these updates, so we think you’ll appreciate the changes we make.
      • New furniture – We recently rolled out new FLEX furniture after realizing that teachers have an increasing need for flexibility and mobility in the classroom. In a continuation of this trend, we’re working on a stand-up desk with storage. We believe this will be a nice addition to our other offerings, giving teachers another choice for the classroom.
      • 10 new products – Every year, we strive to create at least 10 new proprietary products to add to our catalog. Our Research and Development Department has already hit the ground running with plans for the year. We hope you like what we come up with!
      • Hands-on products with career connections – As always, we will focus on providing students an engaging hands-on experience complete with career connections. This is something we consider with every product we create or sell.
      • Coding – In October of 2016, we released PRIZM™, a robotics controller (or brain) for programming the TETRIX® MAX robotics system. Throughout 2017, we will continue to focus on autonomous robotics with PRIZM, offering our customers new curriculum, tutorial videos, and lesson plans that help make coding come to life in your classrooms.

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Lisa Paterni

Written by Lisa Paterni

As the president of Pitsco Education, I have the pleasure of directing Pitsco’s strategic vision and carrying out our mission of leading education to positively affect learners. I’m a proud graduate of Pittsburg State University (PSU), with a BBA in Accounting, an MBA, and a master of science in Teaching. In addition to working at Pitsco, I’m also an adjunct lecturer at PSU as well as a member of the Board of Trustees for the PSU Foundation.