By Admin / January 16, 2017

More PRIZM™ controller resources and inspiration

Last month, we showed you some official resources for the TETRIX® PRIZM™ Robotics Controller, but there are some other resources out there for anyone who has a PRIZM or who is considering getting one.

First up, educator and author Aaron Maurer has created an unboxing video of PRIZM highlighting its key features and cool see-through cover. If you’ve never experienced Aaron’s work, you will find him to be an energetic and creative teacher who channels his enthusiasm in blog posts, videos, and other outlets to share with fellow educators.


TETRIX designer creates light patterns with TETRIX PRIZM. TETRIX designer creates light patterns with TETRIX PRIZM.


After he got his hands on PRIZM, Aaron created tutorials for three activities. The first one covers connecting the battery to the PRIZM and installing the free Arduino software and library. In the second tutorial, he goes over the Hello World activity. The third one, DC Motors, is a more detailed look at how to program and control the TETRIX DC Motors with the PRIZM. Knowing how failure encourages learning and problem solving, he even shares his struggle with a part of the process.

Our own Paul Uttley, R&D manager and creator of the TETRIX system, had fun controlling lights with the PRIZM. In both the "PRIZM Light Show" and "Light Show 2" videos, he demonstrates the lighting effects he created using an LED NeoPixel strip and PRIZM. These must-see videos are inspiration for blinging out your robot.

Want the code? Email Paul at puttley@pitsco.comand he can provide you with the programming code so you can create your own light effects! Is there anything else about the TETRIX PRIZM you want to know? Let us know in the comments.



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