By Pat Forbes / December 11, 2016

December 2016: What’s in your stocking?

During this season of ho-ho-ho, Pitsco is enjoying the results stimulated by Pitsco Maker Space™ solutions and TETRIX® robotics curricula. Both create a psychomotor learning situation that fulfills an ideal STEM environment.

The creativity available in the Maker Space solutions and TETRIX curricula generate collaborative opportunities that will serve students well in future educational pursuits. Perhaps an elf or two might find their way into your stocking to secure these educational tools. If not, one of the following might gift you.

December 2016 "Grant Funding Leads" (PDF)

Additional Grant Resources


Pat Forbes

Written by Pat Forbes

After 30 years as a junior high and high school administrator, I joined the Pitsco Family and have enjoyed the advancement of the educational journey. My position over the past 10+ years has involved the searches and reporting of grant opportunities for educators at all levels. I produce a monthly grants newsletter and also write for The Pitsco Network magazine that illustrates success with Pitsco products. In addition, I have almost learned to use a computer instead of a typewriter.