By Admin / December 02, 2016

Improve box fan airflow for classroom experiments

Fans are awesome. At Pitsco, we recognized this simple fact and decided to create a few products to make fans even more awesome.

The Air Stream and Air Control Funnel are modest additions to regular box fans that make fans even better for classroom usage.

AirStream_350px_1116The Air Stream is a cardboard grid add-on that straps to the front of a box fan. While it sounds simple, the addition of the grid changes the flow of wind generated from the fan.

Usually fans produce a turbulent airflow that's rough and inconsistent. The Air Stream fixes this problem and produces a laminar flow, or smooth airflow, from the fan. Now, experiments with wind turbines (such as the Eco-Wind Gen II or the WinDynamo III) can become easier and more consistent.

The Air Control Funnel has a similar grid add-on that straps to the front of a box fan, but it also funnels the airflow to a point. This funnel causes the airflow to move in a concentrated laminar flow. Projects based around airfoils are great to use with the Air Control Funnel, such as the Wing Build Kit and the Wing Test Stand.

When using the Wing Build Kit, students design and create their own airfoil. After building the airfoil, students can use AirControlFunnel_350px_1116the Wing Test Stand and the Air Control Funnel to test the lift of their design. Each of these products works together for greater learning.

So, take a box fan to the next level in your classroom. These simple alterations will make a huge difference in testing the results of experiments! Visit to learn more about the Air Stream, Air Control Funnel, and other STEM offerings.

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