By Admin / November 22, 2016

Getting Ready for Your Next Semester

Entering second semester is a great way to have a restart in your classroom. When I was a teacher, I found I could implement new (or higher) expectations with my students and better classroom management strategies.

Students need a refresher after their break. This gives you a second chance to adjust and improve on how things run in your classroom.

SemesterNext_300px_1116Before your students come back, revisit your school’s pacing guide or scope and sequence. Plan the rest of the year. If you struggled with something first semester, do some research. You might find new strategies to try or activities to implement with your students that you didn’t have time for first semester.

Here’s a list of ideas to implement with your students second semester in your classroom.

  • Review the school policies and your classroom expectations.
  • Discuss with students how to be organized and any specific procedures you expect them to follow regarding this.
  • Set a higher standard of expectations on student performance and grading.
  • Put more responsibility on the students to solve any problems.
  • Deter students from being reliant on you to answer their questions. Encourage them to troubleshoot and problem solve.
  • Assign students jobs and responsibilities that you would normally do.

If you teach a Pitsco lab, here’s some more ideas:

  • Do an abbreviated orientation on the lab process and your specific expectations for when they’re in the lab.
  • Set a higher standard of expectations on collaboration and teamwork during their experience.
  • Grade their work more closely for spelling, punctuation, and grammar issues.
  • Have the students do an inventory of their materials. They can report what’s missing and refill supplies for you.
  • Have the students complete the extra materials, such as Connections and Linkages, beyond their lab experience.

This is just a few ideas for mixing things up in your classroom. Don’t be afraid to try new things with your students. Setting high expectations gives your students something to aspire to achieve. You’d be amazed what they can accomplish!

Check out these links for additional resources for strategies to implement:

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