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9 Funding tips for FTC robotics teams

Are you looking for FIRST® Tech Challenge (FTC®) funding? We have the answer. Well, we can’t take credit for it. A couple of months ago, @TETRIXrobotics and several FTC teams got into a conversation about the best ways to get funding for robotics. It started when Team 8566 The Firebirds said they were struggling to find enough this year. Other teams were quick to step up and offer their best tips. You might find them helpful too, so here are the comments:

  • Yard sale, car wash, grants. I would apply for the PTC grant, we’ve gotten it the past two years, it’s great! – @MyDearBoston (The grant he is referring to has passed deadline for this year, but check back for next year at this link if you’re interested.)
  • Call every machine shop/parts supplier/engineering firm in town. Don’t ask for a dollar amount. – @cp
  • Have support tiers -- $50 for bronze, $500 for gold, etc. -- and perks at each level. – @cp
  • Most importantly, let them know that you're learning how to be the kind of people they could one day hire. - @cp
  • Show them the game video. Hard to not get hooked at that point. – @cp
  • Make sure you show a company your fully written business plan including a budget (need it for notebook anyway). – @RoboticRams
  • I'm not sure if PTC looks at previous applications, but it doesn't take too long to apply and it's worth a lot. - @MyDearBoston
  • Create a strong Business Plan & connect with local eng. orgs. - SME, ASME, ASQ, SWE, etc. to get corp. contacts – @RohmingRobots
  • Also best fundraiser for us has been to hosting FLL camps. Starting with a weekend half-day camp might be best. – @RohmingRobots

Do you have any funding tips to share? Comment on this post or tweet them to us at @TETRIXrobotics. Thanks to all the teams who stepped up to help out a fellow team! This is just another example of how great the FIRST community is.



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