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Build up your TETRIX® MAX stock with new packs

Planning your robotics stock can be difficult – especially for open-ended classroom challenges or building for competition. You might not need another full set, but buying items piece by piece can be downright annoying.

 In response to this plight, Pitsco has created eight new packs of different TETRIX® MAX components to help solve this problem. Currently, these packs are priced between $79 and $139. Here’s a quick overview with links to the products and, for six of the packs, links to RoboBench videos showing the included parts and talking about what to use them for.

MAX Structure Pack

This MAX Structure Pack brings together many metal building components together. The building blocks of a TETRIX MAX robot are these metal pieces, including channels, flats, bars, plates, angle brackets, and more. In this pack, we’ve pulled together 70 structural elements to help you build bigger and more complex robots.

Check out the RoboBench video.

MAX Hardware Pack

It’s hard not to lose screws and other tiny parts, so we collected 900 pieces such as socket head and button head cap screws, kep nuts, quick rivets, spacers, and even an extra set of assembly tools.

Learn more by watching the video.

MAX Tubes Pack

Tubes are an often-overlooked way to lighten a robot and to create long extenders. To explore the potential of tubes, check out this pack of more than 50 components including various lengths of tubes, corner and anchor blocks, tubing couplers, and more. Check out the video.

 RB MAX Tubes Pack

This robot from the RoboBench video on the MAX Tubes Pack demonstrates some uses of the tube building components.

MAX DC Motor Pack

Motors are key to getting moving, so stock up with this grouping of four 12-volt DC motors, four motor mounts and motor hubs, and a variety of leads.

MAX Servo Motor Pack

The key to end effectors and many other robotic subcomponents is these little motors. This pack puts together four 180° standard-scale servos and four standard servo mounting kits, making sure that you are never short of possibilities.

RoboBench's Tim Lankford discusses the differing gearing options in the new MAX Advanced Gear Pack.

 RoboBench's Tim Lankford discusses the gearing options in the new MAX Advanced Gear Pack video.


MAX Advanced Gear Pack

When you get into hardcore robotics, you must learn to gear up and gear down your motors to fit the activity. This pack provides a variety of gears to help you create the best robot for the job. You get a worm gear box with 10:1 and 20:1 worm gears, rack and pinion linear slide, bevel gear and acetal bearings, assorted axles, bushings, and hubs.

Plus, check out the video on this pack as well as the worm gear and rack and pinion linear slide!

 The MAX Wheel Pack gives you two of each wheel plus hardware.


The MAX Wheel Pack gives you two of each wheel plus hardware. MAX Wheel Pack

Don’t go flat with your wheels – here’s a pack that includes two each of the 3" and 4" omni wheels, 3" and 4" wheels, all-terrain tires, plus the needed hardware.

MAX Hub and Axle Pack

And if you need more variety in wheels, you might also need more variety in axles and related hardware. This pack brings together more than 100 pieces with axles of different lengths and diameters, spacers, bushings, hubs, set collars, and more.

Given how closely related the Wheel Pack and Hub and Axle Pack are, RoboBench’s Tim Lankford looks at them together in one video.

That's all the new packs – for now! We hope this helps teachers, mentors, and teams find what they need in a convenient form.





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