By Admin / October 17, 2016

Robotics #VelocityVortex is trending!


What’s the buzz about the new FTC game release? Velocity Vortex is the new challenge for FIRST® Tech Challenge teams to solve. Read on to find resource links on the new game and what people are saying about it!

#VelocityVortex is trending! More than 86,000 people are talking about it on social media. Search the hashtag to see what designs teams have come up with. Also check out #FTCKickoff and #omgrobots.

The game, Velocity Vortex, is played on a square field that's divided diagonally. In the center of the field are two goals called a Center Vortex, and two Corner Vortices are set opposite of each other on each ramp. Teams gain points by putting articles in the vortices. More details can be found in the resources found at the end of this blog.

Teams are already sharing different designs on social media. By analyzing the game and the point distribution, teams will need to decide whether they want to lift, launch, or push balls in order to score on this new field. Here are some of my favorites!

Check out @TETRIXrobotics on social media. You can find different resources, build videos, and ideas on how to use your TETRIX® materials. Here’s a list of other resources available on Velocity Vortex.





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