By Pat Forbes / October 07, 2016

October 2016: Needs, robots, and styles

Teachers’ continued desire to hone their skills and those of their students paves the way for the ongoing success of robotics education. By introducing Pitsco TETRIX® PRIME and TETRIX MAX STEM Units, teachers will be buoyed by the growth exhibited by their students.

And with the new TETRIX PRIZM™ Robotics Controller, TETRIX now has a brain – meaning human-controlled robots will give way to robots that are coded, move autonomously, and sense the world around them.

TETRIX PRIZM provides a vast area of technical learning experiences for teachers and students. The addition of these valuable sources for curricular growth might sometimes demand more in the area of expenditures; thus, it might be of value to scan some of these funding sources.

October 2016 "Grant Funding Leads" (PDF)

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Pat Forbes

Written by Pat Forbes

After 30 years as a junior high and high school administrator, I joined the Pitsco Family and have enjoyed the advancement of the educational journey. My position over the past 10+ years has involved the searches and reporting of grant opportunities for educators at all levels. I produce a monthly grants newsletter and also write for The Pitsco Network magazine that illustrates success with Pitsco products. In addition, I have almost learned to use a computer instead of a typewriter.