By Anna Gudde / October 01, 2018

Cover to cover STEM!

The beginning of a new school year means a new Pitsco Elementary STEM catalog. Yessss, a brand-new catalog you can dog-ear to your heart’s content! And it’s full of STEM products, supplies, storage, and now includes our first K-2 coding solution – KUBO.

If you’ve been following our latest news, you’ve probably heard of the awesomeness that surrounds KUBO and its benefits in the elementary classroom. If you haven’t, here you go:

KUBO’s unique TagTile® system makes coding as easy as solving a puzzle. No screen is needed; this system has zero setup time, and no prior coding experience is required. Coding teaches students how to break problems down and solve them in a logical way while working in a center-based learning environment. KUBO has you covered on coding content. KUBO’s online platform includes all their coding concepts and resources such as lesson plans, printable teacher guides, videos, tutorials, as well as the Coding License certificates to download for each student.

More new products in this year’s catalog include the EZ Track Raceway and the Pitsco Maker Space Cart.

The EZ Track Raceway makes racing easy and more convenient than ever before. The track comes with 20 one-meter, high-strength PVC sections that can be used to create one long lane or a dual-lane setup for racing. This raceway is simple to set up and easy to stack and store. The EZ Track works with dragsters, mousetrap vehicles, solar cars, bottle racers, or basically anything with wheels that you can race! It’s perfect for students with a love for speed!

The Pitsco Maker Space Cart is essential in organizing your classroom or makerspace. This wheeled cart includes 21 bins for small parts storage and an area to fit larger storage bins. Each end of the cart is lined with pegboard to hold small tools and equipment. The top of the cart makes for a convenient place to display projects. There’s also a pegboard accessory kit sold separately.


Other highlights include free sample activities and the What’s Your Teaching Type? quiz. The quiz takes you through a series of yes/no questions that lead you to your teaching type. With each teaching type we have recommended Pitsco products for you. Make sure to check them out in the catalog or go to, where you can also enter to win our giveaway!

If the 2018-19 Elementary STEM catalog hasn’t hit your desk yet, you can download the PDF or request a printed copy at And contact us if we can help you with anything throughout the school year. Have a great one!



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Anna Gudde

Written by Anna Gudde

As marketing projects coordinator for Pitsco Education, I work with all aspects of the catalogs we publish. I’m amazed at what Pitsco offers educators and students and am excited to help you learn more about Pitsco.