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Big Book 2019: Free resources, new products, and inspiration for your classroom!

Ready to add some new and exciting to your classroom resources? YES.

Want free resources too? Y-E-S!

Well, we’re here to serve. The 2019 Big Book catalog has been officially released with new products and more resources at your fingertips!

We encourage you to take note of #ThisIsSTEM on the cover. If you follow us on social media, this might look familiar. It’s a hashtag we’ve been using for almost a year now to help redefine and celebrate STEM education.

Pitsco has always been a STEM company, but we also feel compelled to make sure we’re championing all that STEM really is. Yes, it’s science, technology, engineering, and math. But, it’s so much more. It’s the confidence a student builds when they finally nail a concept or skill. It’s when students work together and really figure out how beneficial collaboration can be. It’s helping students improve their problem-solving and communication skills through project-based learning. Those “soft skills” or 21st-century skills” that are trending right now – that’s what STEM is and can be. 

We’re proud to offer so many products, curriculum, and solutions that serve as starting points and comprehensive experiences that help students become future-ready learners, leaders, and citizens. And that’s what this Big Book is really all about.

So, let’s get to exploring it!

Free Resources

Let’s start with the freebies. If you frequent our site,, you’ve seen that we consistently work to add resources to our products – whether it’s a sample activity, engineering challenge, or STEM connection, we want to deliver the best to you and your classroom.

That’s why we revamped nine of our most popular teacher guides to include a variety of STEM activities, pretests and posttests, video links, career information, and applications of the 4Cs (communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity). Not only are these guides enhanced, but they are available for FREE DOWNLOAD! How awesome is that?

When you get your hands on the Big Book, make sure your device is near so you can quickly and easily scan the code in the catalog and download the guide to use within seconds! Here are the enhanced guides available:

New Products – Coding!

Coding in the classroom brings another avenue of problem-solving, cooperation, and systems thinking to learners, and we’re super excited to bring new coding products your way! We have new offerings in our already popular KUBO line as well as new products from even newer partners: Microduino, Fable, and Arduino. From single kits to classroom packs, our coding products span Grades K-12 and include screen-free programming as well as visual and text-based coding; a variety of options for all students! Check out our entire coding line at

Introducing Mr. Robot II

Can we get a drumroll please . . .? Meet Mr. Robot II! He’s been years in the making, and he’s making his big debut now! Perfect for a capstone project or makerspace, Mr. Robot II comes with everything needed to build a five-foot-tall robot that captures everyone’s attention. He can move forward and backward, lift at the shoulders, bend at the elbows, and turn his head, not to mention take your students’ interest in robotics to the absolute max!

Mr. Robot II is paired with and controlled by the brand-new Tele-Op Control Module and SONY PS4 DUALSHOCK 4 remote control, which allows for the programming of endless movements and functions. And he’s ready to make his appearance in your classroom!

Delivering to Every Teaching Type

With the delivery of the 2019 Big Book catalog, we also strive to deliver the best in customer service and products, activities, curriculum, and solutions that meet the needs of your classroom.

We recognize every teacher has different needs and varying ways of educating learners – that’s why we created our very own Teaching Types quiz! This questionnaire leads you through a series of yes/no questions and identifies your teaching type and recommends Pitsco products for every type. Scan the handy QR code in the catalog and you’ll learn your Teaching Type in no time!

Every teaching type contributes to their students and school, just in their own unique way. And that’s exactly the way we like it. Empowering individuals to do their best? #ThisIsSTEM




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