By Admin / August 26, 2020

Back to school: A BIG year brings BIG appreciation

As we all gear back up for school in these uncharted waters, we have been amazed by the lengths you, the teachers, have all gone to support your students and their learning. And, it’s no secret you will all continue to do that in the next school year.

This year’s back to school might look different than usual, but your bravery and strength is constant. Whether you are going back to teach and learn in person, on-screen, or somewhere in between . . . you’ve got this!

You have a BIG job that you do with a BIG heart. And, as you are creating big plans, goals, and hopes for your students this year, we want to support your work in a BIG way. That’s why this year, we are going back . . . 


Big giveaways, big discount, big appreciation, and big inspiration are headed your way! 

Give & Get

In a year like no other, it’s time to do things like never before! While you are trying to build your plane and fly it too, we want to support you by giving away free stuff.  


The only person who knows what you need is Y-O-U! So, that’s why we’re giving away $10,000 in Pitsco vouchers to help you add to your tool kit.

Whether you are in need of . . .

  • More consumable and reusable materials for at-home projects
  • Options for 1:1 kits
  • Ways to teach coding and robotics
  • Options to help students practice SEL skills and develop new capabilities
  • Ways to create new and engaging learning experiences

. . . we got you! 

And, what better way to spread cheer this year than by paying it forward? You have a chance to give a voucher (of equal value to your prize) to a teacher friend or colleague of your choice. We love some good karma! Enter the giveaway here

While we’re at it, we’re also providing a 15% off promo code (SAVE15) that you can use site-wide! Start shopping the sale now!

Inspiration & Encouragement

While adding to your tool kit is vital, it’s equally important to make sure the impact you’re giving is just as large. We believe a little extra encouragement and inspiration will help out.

Explore some of our free downloads to help start your year on the right foot. Find encouraging posters, get-to-know-me printouts, a curated playlist for learning, and three different Bitmoji classrooms for a unique virtual environment. Edutopia shares insight on creating a virtual community with your Bitmoji for a fun and practical learning space.

This year, we are all in need of some encouragement and advice. And, while we here at Pitsco might not be able to step into the teacher role, we know some people that do every day. We have gathered some of our favorite advice, tips, and inspo from our fellow STEM educators to share with you! Join us on social media to keep up with the latest!   Facebook Instagram  Twitter

And, like they say – you can’t pour from an empty cup. Make some time for yourself to make this year the best! Self-care is critical and you NEED it! Find self-care tips to keep thriving this school year in the blog, “Mind-set for the moment: Teacher Appreciation Week”! 

Teachers, we said it at the beginning – you guys are just awesome. We’ve seen a lot of inspiring examples in the last several months; here are a few extraordinary teachers doing extraordinary things to support students that recently caught our eye:

Wishing you the best of luck on a new school year! YOU GOT THIS!



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