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Jessica Born

Jessica Born
Well, hey there! I’m the digital marketing manager for Pitsco Education. Marketing and special events have been my jam for about the last decade. I’m an alumna of Kansas State University and the University of Arkansas. I fill my Pitsco days with social media management and supporting video and web projects. My weekends are for time in the kitchen, real estate and home projects, and adventuring with my husband and our Dood, Garth. The best part of my role here is getting to bring creativity and organization to our efforts to connect with YOU!
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You’ve got mail: How STEM keeps delivering

Posted by Jessica Born on July 30, 2020

Getting mail never gets old (well, unless it’s junk mail, but that’s an entirely different topic . . .). Receiving a card or a package from someone you love or a shop you like generally makes a person happy. And we have United States Postal Service (USPS) postal workers to thank for bringing that happiness to the box.

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Code your own story: Interactive storytelling through coding

Posted by Jessica Born on June 11, 2020

Beginning, middle, end. Those are familiar elements of a good story.

They provide the structure to help a reader follow along and convey the intended message.

Coding has similar elements that provide structure too. You might have heard of terms such as head, body, tag, and so on. These enable the code to be executed properly and even help the programmer explain the code if needed.

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Scavenger hunts – Taking hands-on, minds-on learning on the move

Posted by Jessica Born on May 22, 2020

I am a huge fan of lists. I even have lists for my lists. And checking things off is my favorite thing.

I also love mysteries.

So, it’s pretty fitting that I am also a big fan of scavenger hunts. What’s better than a quest for treasure or solving a riddle in order to get to the next step, all while checking off the boxes in the process? It’s problem-solving, creativity, active thinking, and fun all in one!

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Baking a classic: History, STEM, and chocolate chips

Posted by Jessica Born on May 15, 2020

There are few things as nostalgic and comforting as a classic chocolate chip cookie. That much most people agree on . . . but everything else about this favorite well, that’s up for debate.

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Not magic, but science: How to fool your friends this April Fool’s Day

Posted by Jessica Born on April 01, 2020

Editor’s Note: The following experiments are not original ideas. The specific projects we’ve shared are adapted from Boys’ Life, Life Over C’s, Steve Spangler Science, ThoughtCo., and Wonderopolis. We encourage you to give their sites some exploration for more STEMspiration and ideas for learning at home. 

April Fool’s Day — it’s a holiday you either love or love to ignore. 

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