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Eric Simmons

Eric Simmons
I had a passion to help students from an early age and it lead me to a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education at Pittsburg State University. Seeing students succeed, either in the classroom or on the playing field, is a great motivator for me. And growing up on a farm made me aware that I learn best by using my hands. I’ve always loved tearing apart almost anything and figuring out how it works. Now, as the lead for the Pitsco Education sales team, this intrigue is what gets me out of bed each morning, and has me looking forward to discussing with educators how we can improve their students’ learning with hands-on solutions.

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Samples and support made easy: A part of the Pitsco experience

Posted by Eric Simmons on January 24, 2019

Though a busy time for many, the holiday break provides the opportunity to recharge so you can hit the New Year running. And then the first month of the year is usually spent focusing on new or better habits. We try to approach our work in the same way. We’re focused on you and your students as we have been for nearly 48 years while we continue to better your experiences and our offerings.

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