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Dan Eckelberry

Dan Eckelberry
My official title is Application Services Manager, but most folks at Pitsco just call me the “web guy.” I lead the technical team that builds and maintains and other web-based applications for the company. But really, it’s just about helping people – specifically teachers. Knowing that today’s teachers are super busy helps us focus on building user-friendly websites that work so you can find what you need and get back to the important stuff – educating our kids! In my spare time, you’ll find me building wood projects or enjoying the great outdoors.

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5 good cyber habits for teachers and students

Posted by Dan Eckelberry on October 09, 2018

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Yawn. Sounds like something only an IT nerd would get excited about . . . right? Before you completely dismiss this topic, be advised that there’s a good chance that you’re currently at risk of having your online accounts compromised.

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