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Cody White

Cody White
As a communications assistant at Pitsco, my job is to learn about interesting developments in the world of education and STEM and to bring those stories to you. Everywhere you look in life there are incredible stories. This is something I learned during a childhood spent exploring the woods with a magnifying glass. It’s great to work for a company that prizes learning, imagination, and exploration.

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Chicago STEM’s unlikely hero

Posted by Cody White on February 05, 2021

An English teacher hits the pavement to bring STEM to Chicago neighborhood kids

“It’s not my problem. It’s somebody else’s problem.”

We are all guilty at times of waiting for the experts, the officials, the duly sanctioned to tackle problems that are outside our wheelhouse. However, there are also moments when a great purpose inspires a great accomplishment from an unlikely source.

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Hands-on learning at the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum proves STEM has no limits

Posted by Cody White on January 14, 2019

STEM is well known as an outside-the-box approach to classroom learning. But increasingly it’s becoming an outside-the-classroom phenomenon as well. The old adage that it takes a village has never been more true, and businesses, universities, libraries, and other organizations have been standing up to provide high-quality STEM education alongside schools.

Museums are another type of organization keenly suited to bringing educational value to a community in this way. A quick virtual tour of the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum in Midland, Texas, shows exactly why this is so.

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Student garden expansion project – Highland Elementary

Posted by Cody White on April 23, 2018

A good education bears fruits in later life. But it can also bear fruits – not to mention vegetables and flowers – in the here and now.

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National Guard helps mobilize robotics in Massachusetts

Posted by Cody White on February 23, 2018

This article originally appeared in the February-March 2018 issue of The Pitsco Network.

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SySTEM Alert! puts the story in STEM

Posted by Cody White on October 13, 2017

The real world. Is there a phrase more apt to strike fear into the hearts of students and to rouse teachers to the call of duty? Students are moving headlong toward the real world, and its the job of educators to help them prepare for this encounter. But if the real world is seen as a specter of dread and obligation, much has been missed. How about excitement, wonder, purpose, opportunity, or connection?

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