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Aubrey Vance

Aubrey Vance
Hi friends! I’m a former elementary school teacher who turned in her grade book in order to come and visit YOUR classrooms. For the past few years, I’ve been working with Pitsco as an Educational Services Manager — which basically means I work with you to figure out what curriculum is the best fit, I train you on the materials, and then I come back to see you in action. We’ve got some phenomenal teachers out there and I love working with you! When I’m not hard at work, I’m out adventuring in the mountains of my home state of Utah, performing in community theater, or curling up with a good book.

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Log on and grow: Explore virtual professional development options

Posted by Aubrey Vance on January 31, 2022

Coauthored by Tim Cannell, Education Manager

The past couple of years have brought a wide variety of challenges, which means there are opportunities to grow. At Pitsco, we always aim to grow with our customers and to support their needs. With a need for more remote classrooms and socially distant events, we’ve mirrored our professional development to match (of course, we still offer face-to-face PD as an option!).

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Making STEM connections using project-based learning

Posted by Aubrey Vance on October 08, 2020

Have you heard the buzz about project-based learning (PBL)? The educational community has been talking about it for a while, but what’s the big deal anyway? How is PBL different from other projects students complete in class? An easy and often-used way of understanding the difference between doing projects and PBL is to think of it in terms of food.

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School’s out for summertime fun

Posted by Aubrey Vance on June 09, 2020

What do you do in the summertime? After the last few months of doing virtual/online schooling, your answer might be, “anything but schoolwork!” and I would wholeheartedly agree! But, there’s a lot of real-world learning that can happen in the summer — natural conversations to spur kids’ curiosity — with activities that you’re already planning!

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Organizational tips for your Pitsco lab

Posted by Aubrey Vance on January 23, 2020

My mother was a professional organizer. Yup, it’s an actual profession. She’d go into homes, classrooms, and businesses and organize their chaos. Pretty sure I inherited very few of her organizational guru skills. In fact, as a novice classroom teacher I always knew where everything was, but it was usually buried behind a pile of papers or still in a box in the corner (sound familiar?). I mean, I kept the chaos to the edges, but it was far from organized. Luckily, the longer I was in the classroom, the better organized things became — I picked up a few tricks along the way from my mom as well as from colleagues. Now I’m out of the classroom and visiting many of yours!

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