Anna Gudde

Anna Gudde
As marketing projects coordinator for Pitsco Education, I work with all aspects of the catalogs we publish. I’m amazed at what Pitsco offers educators and students and am excited to help you learn more about Pitsco.

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Makers > Inventors > Earthshakers

Posted by Anna Gudde on March 20, 2019

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it – and that cannot be more true today than it ever was.” – Alan Kay

How do we truly prepare our students for a future that we can’t predict? One way is to foster maker minds at an early age and provide opportunities for students to create, fail, and try again, prepping them to persevere. This process also shows that failure doesn’t define students but instead opens the door to better solutions. It’s a learning experience, right? Let’s take our students out of the in-the-box thinking and get them tinkering!

Not sure where to begin? Whether you’re building your own makerspace from the ground up, restocking materials, or looking for furniture specifically designed for collaborating, we have you covered. More specifically, the Pitsco Maker Space catalog has you covered! Haven’t seen one hit your mailbox? Check out our digital catalog or request a print copy today. Let’s get started making!

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Get sailing with social-emotional learning

Posted by Anna Gudde on February 14, 2019

SEL. What? It’s not just another trending acronym. Social-emotional learning (SEL) basically demonstrates how students relate with each other – and their teachers, their parents, and other adults – in any type of interactions.

It places a priority on creating a caring environment for learning and focuses on forming relationships among families, teachers, and community members. Applying SEL concepts in the classroom fosters richer student engagement, collaboration, and trust. So . . . how can educators introduce SEL competencies in the classroom? Project-based learning (PBL)!

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Big Book 2019: Free resources, new products, and inspiration for your classroom!

Posted by Anna Gudde on January 18, 2019

Ready to add some new and exciting to your classroom resources? YES.

Want free resources too? Y-E-S!

Well, we’re here to serve. The 2019 Big Book catalog has been officially released with new products and more resources at your fingertips!

We encourage you to take note of #ThisIsSTEM on the cover. If you follow us on social media, this might look familiar. It’s a hashtag we’ve been using for almost a year now to help redefine and celebrate STEM education.

Pitsco has always been a STEM company, but we also feel compelled to make sure we’re championing all that STEM really is. Yes, it’s science, technology, engineering, and math. But, it’s so much more. It’s the confidence a student builds when they finally nail a concept or skill. It’s when students work together and really figure out how beneficial collaboration can be. It’s helping students improve their problem-solving and communication skills through project-based learning. Those “soft skills” or 21st-century skills” that are trending right now – that’s what STEM is and can be.

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Cover to cover STEM!

Posted by Anna Gudde on October 01, 2018

The beginning of a new school year means a new Pitsco Elementary STEM catalog. Yessss, a brand-new catalog you can dog-ear to your heart’s content! And it’s full of STEM products, supplies, storage, and now includes our first K-2 coding solution – KUBO.

If you’ve been following our latest news, you’ve probably heard of the awesomeness that surrounds KUBO and its benefits in the elementary classroom. If you haven’t, here you go:

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Doodling’s evolution and drafting in the 21st century

Posted by Anna Gudde on April 20, 2018

Are you a doodler? Perhaps you fill the makings of your notebook with sketches and drawings? Or maybe you draw on napkins or scrap paper to pass the time? At some point, were probably all doodlers.

Ever wonder if your sketches could come to life? With a few added dimensions and a dash of technology, it can.

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